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'The Grey Ghost' ICM 1/72 MiG-29


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Back again with another recently wrapped project, the ICM 1/72 'Ghost of Kyiv' MiG-29. Finished this months ago, but forgot to add the wingtip nav lights. Finish was also a little too glossy, so I slapped some liquid masking on the canopy and nose sensor and sprayed it down with some satin varnish. Had this idea in mind almost as soon as I saw the kit, and while the kit itself was a little basic and required a fair amount of filling and sanding to get right, and the decals were incredibly frustrating (being far too thin and flimsy, and near instantly sticking themselves) requiring that I try to duplicate the failed ones with Tamiya masking, I'm happy with the end result. Also a bit of a disaster with the one decal that didn't decide to stick down instantly in the right side intake number, which my thumb apparently touched at some point and bunched up. Decal was beyond use, so I had to hand paint the number back in 😬 Only major modification I made to the build itself was closing the upper louvres by moulding some Miliput. Model didn't have that as an option, but the aircraft close those in flight and open up the main intakes.


Added a pilot figure, pulled from my Bandai X-Wing kit where I didn't use the rebel pilot in the seated position. Thankful I had him, because I could not find any aftermarket 1/72 pilots that were suitable (certainly not reasonably priced from what I can recall). Modded him up as best I could and in he went. Second attempt at mounting a model aircraft in flight, and the first attempting to replicate a fired missile. Smoke effect wasn't brilliant at first, but then I saturated the cotton wool (superglued around a wire) with diluted modpodge and was able to shape it into something tighter. Overall happy with how it turned out, even if I couldn't get that field to go brighter no matter how many times I tried :P Whole thing has a display cover as well. 


Anyway, enjoy :)














As always, thanks for looking :)




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6 minutes ago, Hopesdaddy said:

All I can say us WOW, excellent work and a very unique display. For the life of me I can't tell the difference in the camouflage, you have done well at masking and painting the troubled areas and bort number

Thank you very much, Hopesdaddy ^-^/ It does lack some of the small amount of stencilling data, but the decals were giving me so many problems I didn't want to risk using them in the end :)



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9 hours ago, Dave Klaatu said:

Beautiful build- well done!


4 hours ago, Vultures1 said:

Very nice work and a great, dynamic display - well done!


4 hours ago, Ryan Hothersall said:

Nicely built. 

I didn’t have any major issues with the decals when I built mine. 

Thank you, Dave, Vultures1, and Ryan ^-^


I always seem to have problems with ICM decals for some reason 👀



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