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1/32 Trumpeter F/A-18F as dirty as l dared to make her.

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Hi all.

Here is my latest build: the 1/32 Trumpeter F/A-18F Super Hornet build.

For this project the following aftermarket parts were used:

-Eduard exterior pe set

- Aires ejection seats

- Red Fox Studio 3d cockpit instruments

- DXM Decals

- ResKit exhausts, wheels, GBU-38 bombs and AIM-9X Sidewinders

Since there is no resin cockpit available for this kit, as far as I know, I used the excellent Red Fox 3d instruments and some scratch built bits instead. The Aires seats are very nice but need a few minor modifications to make them look like the real seats.

The kit goes together quite good and I didn't encounter any major problems as far as I can remember.

My model is not 100% period accurate as there are a few details that are not correct for the decal choice I made. Bat that's only something the experts wil notice.

As with all my builds, everything was primed black, using A-Stand (Alclad) primer with microfiller.

The paints I used are MrHobby H307 and H308 with a few drops of white added for some faded areas.

Most weathering was done with Abteilung 502 paints, thinned with AK white spirit.

A special thanks goes out to ResKit for sending their superb update parts despite the harsh times in their home country of Ukraine.


Thank you for watching.









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I'm not normally a fan of heavy weathering, but that is very, very nice.  I like the mix of effects - it works very well.  Thanks for sharing!



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