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Minicraft 1/48 Beechcraft Bonanza

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With a few mods to look like the prototype, not perfect of course, nothing I build ever will be.










The nastiness between the upper and lower cowl is Miro Crystal Clear used to hold the cowl on for painting and not yet cut away (I detailed the engine as well)




As usual, striving to mediocrity.

Thanks for looking



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Very nice! Fortunately Minicraft have kept producing a small range of 1/48 civil aircraft. I've built their C172 here and it is the basis for a nice model. I also have two of their PA-28s that I'll butcher to make a PA-28R at some point.


Your B36 is very nice - don't downplay your skills!

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I'm always pleased to see civil/private aircraft in the RFI section.

I must say, you've done a superb job of it too!

You have played down your abilities in your intro, but I see great craftsmanship and skill.

Well done!


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Thanks to all who stopped by for a look and to all the comments, I appreciate the encouragement!!

On 29/11/2022 at 05:19, noelh said:

Nice model of the 'Doctor Killer'. The slightly unfair nickname of the  Bonanza. It wasn't  just Doctors, Buddy Holly died in one.


I'd like to see more models of GA aircraft. 

Here ya go, Here's a few;

1/32 Roden "Skymaster" finished in civil markings;


Roden 1/32 L-19 also as a civil aircraft;





and a "box scale" Monogram (1950's kit) Cessna 180 converted to a 182...I may actually have pictures of this one somewhere here already


All Canadian markings aircraft.

Thanks for looking

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Such a nice change to see smaller civillian private aircraft displayed on here built to such a high standard. They are all so attractive but I do love that floatplane.

Great to see your lovely rendition of a Bonanza. It must be the equivolent of a classic car now!


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