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Airfix 1/72 Westland Wasp Conversion

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Hi all,


After 4 months of on and off modelling, I've finally finished converting the Airfix Scout into a credible looking Wasp... 


This project initially started life as a Scout boxing; 4£ chance pickup at a toy fair with little intention to do anything other than sell the kit. A friend was kind enough to send me a White Metal Airwaves conversion set and I thought I'd try my hand at converting possibly one of the most sought after rotary subjects in 1/72..


Kits interior was spruced up using an Airwaves photo etch set I'd owned for years but the white metal set proved too fragile and fiddly with many pieces breaking. After some time on the "shelf of doom", alongside the Whirlybird Sikorsky S-61N, I rather begrudgingly forked out for the Air Graphics Wasp Conversion set at 28£ (+8£ postage...) which arrived about a month later. The set provided the absolute basics to enable an exterior modification of the airframe, no decals, engine or interior set which are all sold separately (expensive or what!)


Air Graphics resin conversion set was quite unrefined with a substantial amount of flash to clean and some parts broken out the box. The decals were courtesy of Model Arts 72-016 set picked up on eBay for 2£ inc postage.


The end result is a little rough, finished in Hataka's Orange Line RAF Blue-Grey representing the frame as she may have appeared in the Falklands Conflict, with reference taken from the superb Falklands: The Air War book. With some additional scratchbuilding and a more delicate hand, I'm sure this could've turned out better. It has certainly killed my modelling mojo for the time being.


There are still a few bits to finish off, like tinting the upper canopy and I have the Air Graphics NORD SS.12 missile set/gun sight to add.


Anyway, enough of the waffle! To the kit itself...















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Thanks again for the all the responses!


I've now applied the finishing touches, including the Airwaves Exocet Deflector and NORD SS.12 Missile set and pylons. I'm unsure if a Wasp would've ever flown in this configuration and I'm not 100% the either are correct in their positioning but it looks okay from a few feet away.







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