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Recovering clear window parts


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I need some help to see if I can recover my clear window. I had to remove some paint off of it and used some Deluxe Brush Magic as its great and had no problems before. As I was taking off the paint, the Brush Magic was starting to harden and got even worse when I tried to wash it off. Now I don't know if the plastic has reacted to or not or whether it's still the brush magic on there. I've tried to polish out but has not made any difference. I've used fine grit, glass polish cleaner, toothpaste and Klear.

Any advice would be great thanks


52523827017_b461463ee8_b.jpgthumbnail_IMG_2873 by ravodavo, on Flickr

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Looking at that I'd lay odds that the 'brush magic' contains solvents.


to rectify it's either a lot of sanding with progressively finer grit wet & dry ending @ something like 3600 grit and a gloss varnish coat to finish.


Athough I'd be tempted to remove a section of the glazing by cutting down either side of the window, then file it to size - the reqired outine in shown. This cound then bu used as a template to create a replacement window in clear (acetate) plastic.


Molded clear plastic can be brittle so take care. cut through with a razor saw, or similar, don't try and part cut/snap as you would with plastic card.

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I've had similar issues with glass. Start sanding with 2000grit and work your way up to 12000. Micromesh is really good as mentioned above. Then use polishing compounds ( I personally recommend the tamiya ones) to get back to clear plastic.


Ive got a picture somewhere where you can see the various stages. I'll see if I can dig it out. 


Good luck!



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