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1/35 Academy M3A1 Stuart "Honey", 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars, 7th Armored Division, Libia, 1941

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This is the 1/35 Academy M3A1 Stuart "Honey" in the correct 'Caunter' scheme (not the incorrect 'blue' scheme that Academy showed). Custom mixed Tamiya acrylics using Mike Starmer's formulas, RAC insignia painted, kit unit decals.
Lots of small details added, all tie downs replaced with brass wire, latches and hinges added to stowage boxes, rack for water cans scratch built, tow cable from fine solder, etc.
Last two photos are with Dragons Valentine tank, another Desert warrior.
Thanks for looking,




Image2 image3




image5 Image6 Image7


M3a1 b






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