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pic of u.s. c-47 WW II with OD camo ruined/lived

Davide Calzolari

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10 hours ago, Phoenix44 said:

Why does that make it not colourised?

 more often in the colorized ones the sky appears having a  wave of light signs of brush in the background-not thus above


and the legendary capability of fading of od the  in this pic is truly nice cought

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The contrast between the fuselage and the wings is clearly seen in other, black and white, pictures, including other areas of contrast including the fin and fabric-covered parts of the aircraft.  The lack of consistency in OD in this period (note the 1942 serial) is also commented on in several sources, and other colour photos exist showing much the same colours.  For these reasons the photo is highly credible.


I have read a wartime or just post-war British modelling reference describing C-47s as being painted in Dark Earth.  Long time ago...

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Hi Phoenix,


Yes, it was a slide.  We were going through a batch of several hundred slides, including about a dozen that were from this series.  I don't recall the film type - it was more than 25 years ago - but I like this one enough to get a first generation dupe.






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1 hour ago, The Good Sergeant said:

Here's a higher resolution image.




Wow, I’ve seen the photo before, but never paid particular attention to it beyond noting the well faded camouflage. The linked photo attributes it to the 313 TCG, I was assigned with its successor, the 313 TAW that was flying C-130Es 1972-73 when it was disbanded.

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On 25/11/2022 at 10:17, spitfire said:

This one ?



Colors of this one are real and this particular plane ended up crashing into the Dutch Waddenzee with 36 pob  near Texel in 1996 and this aircraft was the aircraft of Dick Winters and his Easy compagny during D-day.

It was assigned a different code (the N3) as part of the Market garden operation  as in this picture.

Other pictures are that I have seen made on different occasions gave it the sam appearance…

Seen this one flying a lot in the Netherlands and I am stil a member of the organization who fly’s another one with a D-day connection on st Mere Eglize dropzone O.




cheers, Jan

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