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Wings over the Illawarra 2022

Greg B

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A good weekend up at the Wings over the Illawarra Airshow 2022.


Saturday was sunny at first then got very claggy in the afternoon. Horrendous for photography, but good for vapour from the F-35. Sunday started off drizzly and with threatened storms later they brought the displays forward to try and mitigate with the F-35 on at 1330 instead of 1600. Of course it cleared up just after 1330! I'm not having much luck capturing the F-35, every time its cloudy. Anyway a really good mix of warbirds, what was surprising was the dearth of currently operational aircraft from RAAF/RAN/Army Aviation. We had a static Herc, a static EC-135; the Roulettes and the F-35 were flying. No fly ins from Hawk, Herc, C-17, Spartan, Poseidon, Wedgetail, Chinook, Blackhawk, Taipan etc. Quite disappointing for what is the biggest Airshow in NSW. :(






































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1 hour ago, stevehnz said:

Nice line up Greg, the Canberra one is a cracker. My favourite.



Good to see it coming up from Temora, it was a very tame display though at quite a high level so not much scope for anything better unfortunately :(


31 minutes ago, Paul J said:


A nice variation of schemes going on there. The Salvadorian or Honduran Corsair in particular. Great pics. Got any more?

Cheers   Of the Corsair or other stuff?  Yep to both. I took 11k photos over the 2 days. Waded through and got about 2.5k that are workable, will further wade through them to cull the nearly similar. Lots of stuff there for the static displays but surrounded by people.


The only downside with the show is the runway orientation, it ends up with the sun in front of you by mid afternoon.

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We were there on the Sunday and as you say a day of extremes of weather. Raincoat in the morning and heaps of sunblock in the arvo. HARS collection on its own is worth the day but the Temora attendance and the other visitors was great. The lack of RAAF aircraft caught our attention as well , considering last years FA-18 and F-35 displays. You would have thought with Richmond and Nowra close by there would have been more participation. The week before there were C-27 training out of Richmond and it wouldn't have taken much to keep one around for the weekend. My personal favourite was the FW-190 being chased by the two Spitfires, unique sounds from both types of engines. Considering the day your photos are great and thanks for showing them.



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The F-35 display was spirited, considering they said it was not manoeuvring near its full capability it looks to be more capable for BFM than most people realise. Very surprising that Holsworthy, Richmond and Nowra didnt provide anything never mind Amberley. There is normally a pass and touch and go from a C-17. There was also Growler that was noticeably absent.

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Good to see the Canberra back in the air. 

When last seen at Temora, she had both engines out for refurb.


Always great to see the Connie, what a statuesque aircraft, always recognisable when they flew into LHR back in the 60's.


Great set of shots, Greg @Greg B, thanks.



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If those are the sort of images you produce when the conditions are horrendous I can't imagine how good they would be when the conditions are perfect! A superb set of shorts from where I am sitting. Thanks for sharing these of what looks like a very good airshow. 

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