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From Cashier Paper Roll to a Rusted Steel Coil


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This little quick 'how-to', is for a future project I am planning a 1:24 scale diorama, which is going to involve some major scratch building and many detail objects. So stay tuned. If you know me than you know how I always like to find a cheap method of making things. It may not be the most perfect method, but the end results looks amazing. Within my own eyes, at least. 

My methods used here are:

A cashier paper roll, which I sprayed the entire roll with Citadel black Chaos, my absolute best black spray primer on the market for modeling. I personally think so.

I brushed a mixture of light, dark rust, white, black, and grey pigments until I was satisfied with how it looked.

Then I took some oderless thinner and dabbed it on the entire roll covering every part of it. A tip is to not soak up the pigments too much. I went against this tip, only when I wanted a 'caked-up rusted' look, as in one of the photos. Let it dry.

After the thinner had almost dried up completely, I sprayed on a dull coat on the entire surface.
...and Voila!








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21 minutes ago, spruecutter96 said:

This looks really convincing. If I didn't know, I never would have guessed it was a paper till-roll. 


Thanks for sharing with us. 




Glad you approve. Thank you.

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