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Lockheed Vega 1.48 decal alternatives

rob Lyttle

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Well, I've got a Dora kit of this beauty, but I've picked up the Amelia Special with only this decor supplied. On considering the build, I think I'd prefer one of the other options from other Dora boxes. Winnie Mae, Shell oil, etc. 

My fuselage has only 2 openings but all the transparent parts and the seats are in the box. I think I can sort out the window situation. 

But I'm on the scrounge for spare decals 😁

The other boxing comes with I think 4 different civil options. 

So if you have built this'un and have the remaining transfers spare and not required, I'd be happy to make a deal 😎

Gotta say that Winnie Mae does look great, but any of the other options would be most welcome. 

Obvs if you want to try your hand with Amelia's NR7952 with gold linings, I've got just the sheet for you as a trade....! 

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