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R.I.P. Greg Bear


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Just seen the very sad news that the Hugo and Nebula-award winning author of over 30 novels has passed away as notified on his facebook page.

Other than Arthur C Clarke some of my all time favourite sci fi books had been written by Greg & I'd go as far to say that he was the greatest sci fi writer as he went further in scope that Arthur C Clarke & also in my opinion beat the path for Stephen Baxter to follow.

If you haven't read the following, these come highly recommended; Forge Of God & Anvil Of Stars, Blood Music & the "Way Series" of books which included EON & Eternity. If only one day someone would turn the Way Series into movies as well as Forge Of God which is crying out to be made into a film.






R.I.P Greg.


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17 hours ago, firefly7 said:

Thank you for the information,  sad as it is. May he R.I.P. ,  I will certainly look into the titles you mentioned.  Regards. 

If you're into the likes of Stephen Baxter & Arthur C Clarke where they in corporate the real world then I would definitely recommend Forge Of God & Blood Music. Both of which I have always wanted to see made into blockbuster movies. 

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11 hours ago, John_W said:

Very sad news. A massive fan of his work. Forge of God remains one of the ultimate "End of the world" novels.

I've still got an original copy of Forge Of God & can still picture in my mind's eye what happened to the Yosemite Mountains & Yellow Stone Park at the end of the book. It's like remembering what happened in a movie it was that vivid. One of the greatest Sci-Fi books not yet made into a movie! 

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