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Golden age of transport from 1918 to 1939 - Chat

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   Hello Everyone.... Shall we give this one a third try ? If yes Im proposing the “Classic mode’s of Transportation” group build take two. This would cover anything transport (vehicles, trains, ships, and aircraft) related. Starting from 12 November 1918, 24 hours after the Armistice went into effect. It will end 24 hours prior to September 1st 1939. Any mode of transport used, designed, or operated in this time frame. This would include World War One transportation or aircraft still being used in this timeframe. Also includes anything that was into the advanced testing phase or in use as of August of 1939.

       This build does include civilian aircraft and all modes of transport types as well. Want to build a Spirit of St.Louis or maybe Amelia Earhart’s aircraft those both count. All civilian airliners (think Boeing Clipper) used in this era would count. The aircraft used by explorers such as Admiral Byrd also qualify. Not to mention any civilian types that were pressed into military service in places like Spain, Ethiopia, and China among other locations.
        I have decide to add other modes of travel so the options are now expanded to. Automotive, Aviation, Tractors, Railroad, Ships, and Armor of the period. Please ask if you have questions, I will research it and let you know if it qualifies. One offs and odd examples greatly encouraged to be built. If there is an written example, blueprint, or a prototype of something I will pretty much allow it.

If anyone is interested in co-hosting please say so. 

1. corsairfoxfouruncle (Host)

2. @Marklo


4. @fightersweep

5. @TonyW

6. @Wez

7. @Redstaff

8. @Bertie McBoatface

9. @2996 Victor

10. @nimrod54

11. @dnl42

12. @galgos

12a. @Trevor L

14. @alt-92

15. @Pin

16. @Robert Stuart

17. @Old Man

18. @Ngantek

20 @John Masters

21. @CliffB

22. @Toryu

23. @Ray S

24. @Bobby No Mac

25. @zebra

26. @vppelt68

27. @Mjwomack

28. @Col. (CO-HOST)

29. @TimJ

🏴‍☠️30. @Jb65rams
31. @LorenSharp

32. @malpaso

33. @psdavidson

34. @Colin W

35. @JosephLalor

36. @AdrianMF

37. @stevej60

38. @marvinneko

39. @Cammer625

40. @klr

41. @Whirly

42. @Quailane









♦️♦️ Please remember to vote in November ♦️♦️

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Ok Im going to tag everyone that had an interest with round two. Please let me know if you would like me to add your name for the third and last attempt. 

@Col., @dnl42, @bigbadbadge, @Jb65rams, @malpaso, @Robert Stuart, @LorenSharp, @fightersweep, @TonyW, @Pin, @JOCKNEY, @John Masters, @zebra, @Toryu, @CliffB, @2996 Victor, @TEMPESTMK5, @Ray S, @Wez, @TimJ, @galgos, @Marklo, @zegeye, @MarkSH, @Bobby No Mac, @alt-92, @Old Man, @Colin W, @vppelt68, @Ngantek, @Redstaff

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I can't think why I did not sign up for this first time around Dennis, but please add me to the list. I don't know what is involved in being a co-host, however if you need some assistance I'll step up for that role too.


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