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Bandai 1/48 Star Wars Snowspeeder Build completed

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Well, it's finally finished. I started this project as a way of getting back into scale modeling, a hobby I enjoyed immensely as a young lad. Not having much skill, a mentor or anyone to talk to about this hobby, I simply soldiered on until rock drumming, girls and life competed for my attention. Thirtysomething years later, I am looking to get back into this hobby only this time, money, information and folks to discuss this hobby with (youse!) are not an issue. Be constructive with your criticism, folks. I just getting back into this, am willing to learn and welcome feedback around my work. This meant to be fun and relaxing to m so I'm not gonna be freaking out because someone left negative feedback. Cheers!


Update: I'm still figuring out how to share from flickr site. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience!

Update#2: I think I got it now!



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What I do is open my flickr account and go to the image to share. Click on the share and a window will change to a series of characters. I set my mouse to the far left and drag to the end of the line. Right click on the high lighted line and left click copy. Go back to your page and on the left and right click paste. That is if you are using a window platform. I have an I-pad but haven't used it to update any posts of mine. Sorry.

All The Best,

Ron VanDerwarker

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She looks great.  Nothing to criticize at all.  Welcome back to the hobby.  You are obviously well on your way. You certainly picked a great kit to start with -Bandai's kits are kind of like cheating!

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I think that's very good. Welcome back to the hobby. I'm searching really hard to find something to suggest as an improvement. The only thing I can come up with is the seat belts. Maybe make the shoulder straps longer so that they will fall in a more random way. If you Google for images of ejection seats you will see what I mean. It took me quite a while to come up with that. Overall, I think this is an excellent model. Well done

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