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Tamiya Ferrari F189 early 1/20 (20023)

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Tamiya Ferrari F189 early 1/20 (20023) - Stash Order 1 


This is the ninth build of my stash bash which aimed to reduce my anxiety of too many kits and not enough time and get the stash to a manageable level of 2. Links to the others at the bottom.


I had this model when it first came out and the red Tamiya rattle can spray was near perfect when I built it, unfortunately I wasn't aware at the time of spraying a gloss coat to protect it and the decals consequently the decals all yellowed terribly. Luckily, they came off easily leaving the red paint in place. Indycals again to the rescue and these went on no problems except for the Fiat ones on the front wing end plates that I messed up after fitting, I think I put masking tape on them after glossing and they peeled off as I should have stuck the masking tape on the cutting mat first to reduce the adhesion. I did need some Marlboro decals as Indycals cannot supply them and managed to find some fairly cheap ones from Spain from a company called Le Mans Decals that came with all the others as well however the Fiat ones are too small for the front wings.  I did polish the top surface through the paint a bit after glosscoating, but I would rather live with it than try to spot paint or strip and redo. All in all quite pleased with the refurb. This is finished as Nigel Mansell’s first time out win  













Links to other builds in the Stash Bash:-

Airfix BAE Hawk 1/72 (A03073) - Stash Order 8 - Not built as all the decals broke and I wasn't happy with the silver finish - Binned!
Airfix Tiger Moth 1/48 (A04104) - Stash Order 12 - Crushed the wing struts and applied yellow paint the was not in a symmetrical pattern and way too thick - Binned!
Airfix Skylab built as Saturn V 1/144 (A11150/A11170) - Stash Order 5 Link
Airfix Mustang 1/72 - Stash Order 9 Link
Academy Hawker Typhoon 1/72 (12462) - Stash Order 10 Link
Airfix Space Shuttle 1/144 (A10170) - Stash Order 7 Link
Airfix DUKW 1/72 (A02316) - Stash Order 13 Link
Revell Eurocopter EC-145 1/72 (04653) - Stash Order 11 Link
Tamiya Newman Haas T93 Lola 1/20 (20040) - Stash Order 2 Link
Tamiya Williams FW14b Mini F1 1/28  (28004) - Stash Order 3 Link
Tamiya Ferrari F189 early 1/20 (20023) - Stash Order 1 
Airfix MkVb 1/24 Spitfire (A50055A) - Stash Order 4  Link
Airfix GR7 Harrier 1/72 (A82010) - Stash Order 6 Link
Belkits MG Metro 6R4 1/24 (BEL-015) - Stash Order 14 Link



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Excellent Ferrari!

Your skill has produced a lovely replica!


While many would love the clean lines of this car, I find it a little bland as Ferraris go.

My favorite is the 126C from the turbo era of the early 80's.

Nonetheless, you have produced a brilliant model.

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