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F/A-18E Super hornet VFA-31 "Felix The Cat" Meng 1/48

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1 minute ago, binbrook87 said:

Outstanding 'felix' Superbug. In fact 'purr-fect' 😁 How was it to build? as I have just bought the Meng 'F' model

Thank you for the kind words. The kit really is top-notch, some slight filling was required at the joint towards the rear like every bug kit, but really not a major issue at all. Was a real pleasure to build and paint from start to finish. 

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2 hours ago, Stephen said:

Great work there.


3 hours ago, Cellarfrog said:

really nice work! very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


4 hours ago, Unfinished project said:

Now that’s a super Super Hornet 👌🏻👌🏻


5 hours ago, Vultures1 said:

Great looking Super Hornet! Well done 


10 hours ago, kapam said:

Looks fantastic - an excellent build!

Well done!



14 hours ago, Alan P said:

Very nice build, you can never have enough Hornets 😊

Thank you all for the kind words.

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