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2024 Bunfight Poll

Enzo the Magnificent

2024 Bunfight Poll  

199 members have voted

  1. 1. 2024 GB poll. Please choose up to FIVE options.

    • It was in a book/film/song
    • Project Cancelled
    • South of the Rio Grande
    • The Early/Late, a passage of time build
    • 1946-1964 ('Baby Boomers')
    • WW2 Axis & Allied Twins
    • Made In Ukraine
    • The Golden Age Of Transport
    • Anything by Eduard
    • All creatures great and small
    • Dangerous machines, death traps, disasters and design flaws
    • Asia
    • All Things Mig
    • Track Day
    • Double Supersonic
    • US Navy
    • I'm Freezing
    • What Goes Up... rotary wings

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  • Poll closed on 11/14/2023 at 11:59 PM

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5 minutes ago, trickyrich said:

just under 90mins to go, no new votes just lots more stabby stabby......... position wise we are back where we were a few days ago.


....there are going to be some very tired wee Britmodeller souls when this is all done.....and with over developed right (or left) arms from all this Stabby stabby shenanigans..... well I hope it from that!!!  :blink:  :whistle:

Erm, isn't that 15mins Rich? UK time, remember ;)



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Just now, trickyrich said:

With now just minutes to go could we have a show of hands who's still up watching this?


I have my tea so all is good with the world again!



I'm sad enough to still be here.

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7 minutes ago, trickyrich said:

....and wow she was close, probably the closet poll we've ever had! 


199 members voted, down a wee bit but still shows the interest in GB's


Awesome fun folks!  :yahoo:

Thanks for all the hard work, Rich (and the laughs!! 😉 )

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Okay folks, it's all over.   As you can see from Rich's latest graphic, there was a tie for seventh place.  This means that both Project Cancelled and Asia will get a place.  We will have 8 GBs next year.


Commiserations to all those who didn't make the cut.  This is always a sad time for me as  know how much thought and preparation went into each and every GB proposal.  I don't like seeing any of them fail.  But, sadly, that's the way of the Bunfight.


The available slots are as follows (note seven as I have already have a nomination for one)


Sat, 6 Jan 24  to  Sun, 28 Apr 24

Sat, 30 Mar 24  to  Sun, 21 Jul 24

Sat, 11 May 24  to  Sun, 1 Sep 24

Sat, 25 May 24  to  Sat, 14 Sep 24

Sat, 22 Jun 24  to  Sun, 13 Oct 24

Sat, 3 Aug 24  to  Sun, 24 Nov 24

Sat, 7 Sep 24  to  Sun, 29 Dec 24


Please let me know your preferences for the slots. 

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Sad man that I am, stayed awake to see what happened. My stars!, what a ride. Two of the GBs I signed up for are solid, and a good job too as I had bought stuff for the kits I had planned. One of my other planned GB is tied, and so I will have to wait and see what Enzo decides, but would fit in another group. Tough luck for those that came close, only to lose at the last minute as some good ideas. 

Edit, just seen Enzo's post, and my other build is in it's original place. 

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Thanks for confirming Project Cancelled gets a place, @Enzo the Magnificent :D


Chatting with @vppelt68 at the weekend he expressed an interest in the first slot for the twins, which is ok with me (assuming he still wants that slot!). Other than preferring it to not clash with the Twins GB, I'm happy with any slot for Project Cancelled



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