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1/72 Academy Dodge WC-54 Ambulance

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Dear fellow Britmodellers,

this is my 1/72 Academy Dodge WC-54 Ambulance, painted with Mr.Hobby acrylics.

Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel.




I added Rescue Models front grill from lasercut paper.

The kit offers only basic interior, so I added Milicast stretchers.

The windshield wipers are from stretched sprue.

I did not trust the kit's red cross decals, instead I painted them using paper masks.












Thank you for your interest!



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2 hours ago, Bertie McBoatface said:

Your painting is so good that it completely conceals the scale of your models. I can't tell whether there's 172 or 116th until I see your hand

Thanks Bertie!

I use the "giant hand" for photographs .... 🙂



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