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2023 Definitive Groupbuild Calendar

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My tentative BM GB schedule for 2023.....subject to change & failure.  :whistle:


Jan-Feb - SALTY SEA DOG - 1/700 USS Long Beach

Mar-Apr - RECON - 1/72 RB-66 (This GB the kit selection is probably the most up in the air.  I've got a lot of recce options, so this one could change all the way up to the last minute)

Apr-May - NOT MY COMFORT ZONE - 1/48 DH.89 Dragon Rapide (vacuform/resin kit) or a resin figure

Jun - NATO 75 - 1/48 CF-104

Jul-Aug - SOUTHERN EUROPE - Mirage 2000-5

Sept-Oct - GO BIG OR GO HOME - 1/32 F-4G

Sept-Oct alternate - MIG-25/31 STGB - 1/48 Ukranian MiG-25

Nov-Dec - ABOVE THE KARMAN LINE - 1/35 Melusine

There are lots of other GBs that I'd love to partake in, but I know I'm not going to have the time to do so.....let alone finish existing projects.

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These are the candidates in my stash. No, I will not build them all, not with my build rate
Whether I participate in any particular GB outside of thise I supported will depend on timings 📅


The question is: do I have the danglies :dog: enough to attempt a Shackleton in the Recon GB (assuming it qualifies) as well as a vacform in NMCZ?


The Salty Sea Dog GB     Trafalgar Class Submarine Gift Set Airfix 1:350

Reconnaissance and Scouting    Avro Shackleton AEW.2 Airfix 1:72

TLC - Transports, Loaders and Carriers    Isuzu Gala Super Hi Decker White Body with Figure 1/32

Southern Europe    Airfix Maserati Indy 1/32    Fiat Abarth 695SS Tamiya 1:24

I feel deserted!    WMIK Land Rover and Snatch Land Rover Operation Herrick Afghanistan Airfix 1:48

Airco and De Havilland    D.H 89 Dragon Rapide Heller 1:72

The Entropy Groupbuild    BR Pug Dapol 1:76

Not my comfort zone    Pfalz D.III Warbirds by Rareplane 1:72    Jakowlew Jak-11 Waku (OBR WAKU Łódź) 1:72

Above the Karman Line    Battlestar Galactica Revell 1:4105

Go large or go home    RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat  Airfix 1:72

FW-190 STGB    Eduard Fw 190F-8 1/72

Italian Classic    Caproni Ca.311 Limited Edition Italeri 1:72

Japanese Classic    Tamiya Lotus Super 7 Series II 1/24    Tamiya 6 Wheeler Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler 1/20



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3 minutes ago, helios16v said:

Oooh, the potential of 2 Dragon Rapides in GBs next year.  :cheers:

Three if I do my one in the Transport GB ;)

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1 hour ago, helios16v said:

3 Dragon Rapides in 3 separate GBs.  We should try to make this happen.


40 minutes ago, psdavidson said:

oh, yes

Yes indeed. Such a beautiful machine deserves the attention.

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I'll add my plans here solely so we can see how far short I fell...

  • Salty Sea Dog - sorry @TonyOD would love to but my NMCZ build has all the salt I can take next year!
  • FW-190 - FROG Ta-152 blitzbuild style
  • Classic Japanese - Hasegawa F-106 left over from my delta combo after building the F-102 in the Century Fighters GB this year
  • Recce and Scouting - my fourth Henschel 126 build (Airfix or Italeri this time) in winter camo
  • Draken - possible - nothing in the stash
  • Last of the Gunfighters - possible - Academy Crusader
  • NMCZ - 1/600 Airfix Ark Royal plus White Ensign PE set plus crew plus tiny tiny decals. On a sea base too, why stop now just when I'm hating it?
  • Airco & DH - KP DH9A and Airfix DH4 to go with my existing DH9 conversion
  • Go Large or Go Home - possible - Airfix 1:1 birds in a bid for the largest scale and the smallest model
  • Southern Europe - possible - Italian fighter, blitzbuild style
  • Entropy - wrecked Catalina and base, possibly with vehicle and figures
  • Classic Italian - Supermodel Italian fighter(s), blitzbuild style
  • Here Comes the Fleet - something wingey from the stash
  • Beyond the Karman line - possible - nothing in the stash
  • Desert GB - possible - RAF? something or other from the stash
  • KUTA - possible - any of the above!!

8 firm commitments and 7 possibles. Plus 3 Blitzbuilds. I've been averaging 15+ builds a year for several years now so it might happen. Two of the builds are going to be super-complex and well outside of my comfort zone, so I will try and keep the rest simple.


There, I've said it now...








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19 minutes ago, AdrianMF said:

Salty Sea Dog - sorry @TonyOD would love to but my NMCZ build has all the salt I can take next year!

Well if you want to put yourself through the wringer… 😁

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Alrighty.... going to log my commitments, and we'll see how far I fall short come the end of '23:


Salty Sea Dog: 01/07 - 04/23

Academy 1/72 F-14A w/ some early VF-1 (circa 1978) decals from DXM


Recce: 02/25 - 06/18

ICM 1/48 OV-10A Bronco, undecided which squadron


Draken STGB: 03/04 - 06/04

Undecided 1/72


MiG-25 STGB: 09/02 - 12/03

Something in 1/72, likely from ICM


Four builds inside a year is ambitious for me.... we'll see how it plays out. 

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Hopefully 10 GBs from me this year 🤞🏼

  • Salty: 1/100 Tamiya Sea King
  • Classic Japanese:  1/200 Hasegawa A300
  • Recce: 1/200 Shed Models Avro Bison
  • TLC: 1/32 Airfix Vauxhall Victor Estate
  • Comfort Zone: 1/200 3D Victor K2 tanker conversion
  • DH: 1/72 Airfix Chipmunk
  • S Europe: 1/72 SBS Farman 190 (Yugoslav)
  • FAA: 1/200 3D Falklands Sea Kings (double build)
  • Desert: 1/32 Airfix Monty's Humber
  • KUTA: 1/32 Airfix 4.5 litre Bentley

Should be fun :)

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On 11/19/2022 at 6:20 PM, AdrianMF said:

Go Large or Go Home - possible - Airfix 1:1 birds in a bid for the largest scale and the smallest model

Will you be building these oob or are you planning a conversion?

Edited by Marklo
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Looks like a busy 2023. I laid out the GBs like I did last year and unfortunately there are way more than I can handle in the fist half of the year. It helps to see them laid out graphically, so here's what I ended up with:




The blues are GBs I absolutely definitely want to do.


The oranges are the ones I'd like to do if they can fit in, and the reds are a notch below that. Anything else isn't really my cup of tea.


Looking forward to it all and I also aim to have a handful of projects finished up in the upcoming KUTA to clear the decks ready for 2023.


Cheers, everyone!




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Well ladies and gents,


I've just been having a look at what GBs I will or would like to take part in with various choices. Most seem to occupy the middle of the year (when I tend to do less modelling anyway) and has me at times having 5 GBs on the go at once 😱

I'm a kind of 1 kit on the bench at a time builder as my organisational and keeping tidy skills aren't the best 🙄

Something may have to give along the way, but I'd like to give them all a bash, but time is a limiting factor as work and other things tend to get in the way

So here are my thoughts and we'll see how we go and how far I get with each one when the time comes, nothing here is totally set in stone and I tend to choose on a whim when I start a build or enter a GB


1, Classic Japanese GB.     Tamiya 1/20 F1, leaning towards Ligier JS11 or McClaren M23

2, Not my comfort zone.   Figure or Airfix/Dapol steam engine?

3, Go large or go home.    Tamiya 1/12 F1, probably Renault RE20

4, Southern Europe.           1/20 Ferrari F1 of some description, maybe a 312T?

5, Classic Italian.                 Italeri Fiat 131 Abarth?

6, Desert                             Safari or Dakar rally car of some type if and when I find one without paying stupid money?

7, KUTA 2023                     All of the above that I haven't managed to finish  🤣🤣


Ian :) 

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There are a lot GB's that I find interesting here. I'll need to pace myself and refrain from entering too many.


These I have already commited to...

Salty Sea Dog (07Jan-30Apr): a Marineflieger F-104 with Kormoran missiles.

Classic Japanese (18Feb-09Jul): I fancy doing one of those classic Hasegawa 1/48 Phantoms, an F-4B with VF-74 Med cruise markings.

Recce GB (25Feb-18Jun): a 1/144 Hobbycraft RB-36H with Caracal decals.

Southern Europe (10Jun-01Oct): an Italian F-104S.

Classic Italian (08Jul-26Nov): an Esci F-104C.

Here comes the FAA (22Jul-12Nov): a 1/72 Phantom or a Buccaneer.

P-47 (30Sep-31Dec): a 1/48 Tamiya P-47M.  


Quite a collection if I succeed in building them, isn't it?


There are two more that I'm likely to enter...

Go Large or Go Home (20Mau-19Nov): I like that it gives a longer period of time to build a larger model. Thinking of a 1/32 Special Hobby AH-1G Cobra.

Desert GB (26Aug-17Dec): a 1/48 Hasegawa Hurricane Mk II D.


Cheers, Stefan.



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On 11/21/2022 at 6:42 AM, drdjp11 said:

Looks like a busy 2023


That graph is very impressive, nice and clear - I do like that.

Good luck with your projected builds, we all have big ambitions but planning in advance always helps. 

Cheers.. Dave 

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On 11/15/2022 at 2:19 PM, Enzo the Magnificent said:

It's a pretty packed schedule - 22 groupbuilds, not counting Blitzbuilds and KUTA.  That's the most we've ever had.


What was the previous highest total Enzo, if you have figures on hand? (Don't go counting them up just for my curiosity.)


How will we know if we have too many? Or still not enough? I'm just musing over my last cup of tea before bedtime...

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22 minutes ago, Back in the Saddle said:

Is there a list of the STGB’s for 2023 anywhere? I don’t seem to be able to find it…😳


The STGBs are in yellow on the graphic in the first post.

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