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Supermarine S.6b 1/48 Wooden

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Here are some snaps of my latest wood fiddling, a 1/48 Supermarine S.6b. 
This one took a bit of doing, the fuselage took three goes and the wings four. Which is odd, as its not that complicated a shape.
Anyway, I reckon about about 40 hours of work to produce this:

Thanks for watching :)

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2 hours ago, Richard S said:

That’s really very nice Redshift. If this is your bag have a look at this, https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/threads/arado-196.138771/ this guy posts quite frequently on that site and does some really interesting stuff. Hope you like it.


Interesting stuff, thanks for the tip.

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That is some superb wood skills and workmanship.  And, you did it from a reclaimed wood source.  I am also surprised it only took you 40 hours to carve out and shape the wooden pieces.  If I were to do it, you would have to add at least another 0 to the end and the outcome would very much fall short of what you have produced.  Thanks for sharing.

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