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Meat Products (35649) 1:35


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Meat Products (35649)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd




As a species of omnivores, if you’d care to check our teeth that contain elements of carnivore and herbivore teeth layouts, we often partake of meat, usually from the local butcher or supermarket, or market place if we’re so minded.  This set depicts a pair of displays of meat of various types that would typically be found in a market setting, and arrives in an end-opening figure-sized box that has a painting of the subject matter on the front, and the instructions on the rear, all in full colour.  Inside are six sprues of grey styrene that contain parts for a two-wheeled trolley with leaf-sprung suspension and a pair of handles for the operators to lift it in order to change position.  The other display area is static, and consists of an angled planked bed with different length legs front and back, plus cross-braces to stop it from falling flat.  On top of the static display are six shallow boxes that can be doubled in height by adding a rectangular frame over the top.






The meat products are found on the remaining two sprues, which are identical, each one containing the following:


1 x Half a pig

1 x Half a lamb

2 x chicken carcasses (2 parts each)

2 x links of eight sausages

1 x long curved sausage

1 x pig head

1 x leg of pork

1 x short sausage

1 x long sausage

1 x coiled sausage

2 x looped sausage

1 x “lump” of meat.  Possibly a haggis?


Bear in mind that I’m no meat expert in any sense of the word, so some of my identifications may be suspect, but check the sprues and accompanying artwork for further details if you’re unsure.  The paintings and drawings on the rear for the box should give you enough information to paint the finished article, and there is a colour chart at the bottom that gives shades as swatches, and in Vallejo, Mr Color, AK RealColor, Mission Models, AMMO, Tamiya and colour names to assist you with picking your colours.




A useful piece of diorama fodder to add some human scale to your latest creation.  Aren't you proud of me for getting through this review without making any iffy sausage jokes? :clown:


Highly recommended.




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