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Finnish Blenheim series drawings


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Hi I am aware of the six series of Finnish Blenheim's, along with the verbal discriminations of bomb bays etc. Are there any drawings out there that show the differences, or even a book. I seem to remember SBS did a book (not in English) perhaps that has something. 


Cheers in advance




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Suomen ilmailuhistoriallinen lehti still has static homepage:



If you click "Info" on the page upper edge there is e-mail to the magazine.

As far as I know most of the magazine issues are still available. Explain what you are looking for and Pentti may be able to help. Certainly there has been drawings for the Finnish Blenheim versions.

Here is pdf-list of all drawings published in SIL-magazine (from the homesite):


At moment I don't rememer any "In action" -type profile collection of Finnish Blenheims. But I guarantee that does not mean anything....




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Best Blenheim drawings I've come accross so far are those produced in 2001 by Martin Lébl for I believe a Czech magazine and he covered the Finnish versions.   I briefly corresponded with Mr Lébl some time ago and he mentioned he'd obtained all of his reference material from Finland...


If you'd care to PM me your e-mail address I'll be happy to send you copies of the scans I have. 





Edited by Walter Lindekens
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