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AFV Club Churchill Carpet LAyer


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Hi Everyone,

Not been around for a while so much going on, still not fully finished the Tortoise but started the Carpet Layer, was going to post a WiP, kind of lost the mojo a bit though, started to find the kit a bit tedious - me just not in right place ? have found some of the parts ridiculously small especially some of the parts that are for the wading stacks the small parts that the hooks from the turnbuckles go into needed opening up to get the hooks into, ended up losing all bar one lol , the part that makes the release cables was too short and badly twisted, so much for the instructions saying trim too size carefully used very thin steel wire to replace it not brilliant but,   

Is it just me that thinks some of the parts are unnecessarily small and could have been moulded in situ?  binned the balsa strips and have kept for other uses and used Albion Alloys steel tube for the carpet so that looks better.    


Anyon else found issues to be aware of for the future, got 5 more AFV Club Churchills to build in various guises, one thing I did not struggle with was the suspension funnily enough, quite a lot of resistance in spring tension so have cut a few down to allow some give for whatever base I end up putting it on.






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