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Any rumours for Telford?


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On 05/11/2022 at 18:59, VMA131Marine said:

Very doubtful. There was a discussion about Telford on, I think the most recent edition of, Airfix Sprue Talk and they said they would not be announcing any new kits at Telford. The 2023 range will be announced early in January as has been the case for the last couple of years. 
It does sound like there will be a significant number of new tooled kits in 2023, but all we can do is speculate because the people who are in the know aren’t talking.


Beyond Airfix, the only mainstream kit manufacturers that will be in attendance are Wolfpack Designs and Kinetic; those are really two sides of the same coin.

Neither Eduard or Special Hobby will be there nor any other Czech manufacturers. No Revell or Tamiya either and, for understandable reasons, no Ukrainian companies will be there, at least according to the confirmed trader’s list on the SMW website.


DBMK  announced a new tool 1/32 sea fury there, today.

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10 hours ago, Rabbit Leader said:

… and as previously mentioned in their Sprue Talk video, nothing new announced from Airfix this weekend. 


Wait and see. 


1/48th Handley Page Halifax ?




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35 minutes ago, Sabrejet said:


A kit's a kit: why does it have to be 'mainstream'?

It doesn’t, but in my post where this first came up I was noting the lack of mainstream manufacturer participation at Telford and the ones that did attend did not announce anything truly new.

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