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AK Masking Putty question


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Hello friends. Recently I thought it was a good idea to obtain a modelling masking putty in order to replace the common white tack for masking purposes. I read some reviews, I asked two more friends, they suggested this stuff without doubt. When I received it, I was thrilled by its characteristics, it reminded me liquid latex gloves, haha! So I started with great joy masking my little 1/72 T-26 tank. As I was used in masking with white tack, I thought it would be not a problem to slowly mask the model, so I let the putty on the tank for a couple of days before I spray the colour. With great frustration I noticed that this stuff has the tendency to spread around within a few minutes (I know two days might have been too much) and to stick like a leech on the surfaces, it even leaked inside the tiny scribed lines of the model and as well under hatches and handles... Anyway, I tried a lot to remove it from angles and difficult surfaces and as far as I can remember, white tack does not have this behaviour. A friend of mine that uses it for years told me that he masks and afterwards, minutes later, starts painting. The question is, what happens if I paint after some minutes later but need to leave the putty for some hours or overnight, in order whether to dry or to repaint some lighter tones or generally anything... Would like to read your comments.


Thanks in advance.



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As you noted, it settles somewhat quickly. As I had explicitly tested this property when I first got it, I was aware of this when I painted my 1/48 TBD last weekend. While I applied it, painted, and removed in about 30-45m, I learned of its love for hard-to-reach places where it can get a tenacious hold. 😱


Back to your question, I suggest you apply the putty just before painting and remove immediately, as your friend indicated. Even if the stuff didn't have the tendency to establish a death grip on small parts and crevices, it settles rather quickly, alterning the mask pattern that you so carefully arranged. Having written that, I still like this product.

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Yep I've had this problem too! I used it once to mask an open cockpit area ....and then the morning after it had spread all inside the cockpit, seat, floor, instrument panel.... everywhere! Took me ages to get it all out. I do occasionally use it for quickly masking areas that I'm planning to remove fairly quickly, or large areas inside tamiya tape masking to save from using loads of tape... but for camouflage i went back to my trusted white tac as this rarely moves at all 😁

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