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Bell Airacobra Mk.I 1/72 Arma Hobby

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1 hour ago, Redboost said:

Hi folks,


this is the new Arma Hobby kit built as RAF example. Since most of the parts were already included in the kit, I added only couple of details such as "fishtail" type of exhausts and other small things around the airframe. 

The kit went together very well and I enjoyed it a bit!

The markings came from Eagle Strike sheet, while the stencils are from Colibri Decals; painted with Gunze Aqueous.











Very nice and well done.



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Lovely Cobra, Libor! :thumbsup:

And this marking vividly reminded me of one of the first models that I assembled about 45 years ago. It was a NOVO boxing of the FROG P-39D model. And I must confess that my work was by no means perfect but it gave so much fun to me! :rolleyes:

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An absolutely super build Libor! Marvellous paintwork and weathering with outstanding attention to detail. 


The one problem I have is the subject matter! Much as I try and like the Airacobra, I just don't get it.  Someone once said that the camel is a horse designed by committee and I feel the same about this aircraft. To me, it looks like the ugly lovechild of much better looking parents!😀


 But again,  a super build and thank you for sharing. 


Best regards 



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