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Tamiya 1/700 USS New Jersey

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Following from Lützow we have something a bit bigger and a bit newer, specifically a subject rendered necessary for building due to this year's vacation.




One of the better ship museums I've been to. Anyway...




as for the kit itself it's rather unsurprising Tamiya 1/700 fare. Goes together nicely but well short of Flyhawk in detailing. Gold medal Models go to help a bit with that. Two different mask sets were looked at, both covered the wooden deck parts and completely ignored everything else despite even the painting instructions making it clear most horizontal surfaces were a different hue than the vertical ones.




All done. Not a lot of rigging on modern(ish) ships, but some did pop up.






With some company...


Yes, I did visit Intrepid as well while I was at it. And if we add roughly half of her displacement to New Jersey...



The wrestler and the sumo?



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