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K-141 Kursk 1/350 hobbyboss

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6 hours ago, Dmitriy1967 said:

The submarine commander Dmitry Kolesnikov studied in the same class at school with my friend.


In the photo Dmitry Kolesnikov at school.



Emm, I had seen some documentary film about sunk of Kursk. He leave a note.

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12 hours ago, wangmm2047 said:

The missile bay's detail is poor, so I choose to close it for a perfect outlook profile.

Gidday Wangmm, I don't know a lot about submarines and almost nothing about these boats. Are the missile hatches those hatches alongside the conning tower? Hence the missiles under them? I'm used to the more usual (AFAIK) missile hatches down the middle of the boats.       Regards, Jeff.

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On 18/11/2022 at 03:14, SallysDad said:


What is the nature of the blue-green areas on top of the sail? Is it used for model building purposes?

It is masking liquid.  This sub will be totally finished by Tuesday or Wednesday.

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