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ICM 1/35 V3000S Maultier German Ambulance FINISHED

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Hi all, I'll be joining in with this one. 




I find this an interesting vehicle, and I like to build 1/35 every now and then. I've built ICM's ZiL 131, which also has a module on the back, so the Maultier should fit in nicely in the cabinet. Also, the ZiL built up really well so I hope this kit will be just as nice to build.

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43 minutes ago, robw_uk said:

nice looking kit... Think my issue having looked as tat there is no interior for the body - is that correct?

Yes, that's right, the kit does not provide an interior. 

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I have some time to make a start on the Maultier this afternoon. Let's do some sprues first. This is the second ICM kit I'm building, and the mouldings are just as nice as with the first one, they do a great job as far as I'm concerned. 


Chassis and engine parts. 








The ambulance module.




Various other items. 




And the track assembly. 




There are some clear parts as well and a small decal sheet with only 2 red crosses on it and the scheme calls for 3 as far as I can tell, counting the one on the bonnet. Doesn't matter, I'm planning on painting those anyway. 


Looks like I'll be able to build and paint the major parts separately, then assemble everything. Should be chassis, cab, the shelter and the track assembly. Let's see how that goes. 

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I thought I'd start with the ambulance bit, for no other reason than that they're the largest and easiest to assemble parts. You know, a nice feeling of progress. It builds up well enough. 






The doors are all separate parts so you could (emphasis on "could") leave one or more opened. But then again, you'd have to build an interior for this thing which I have no intention of doing. 


Windows go in from the inside and obviously need to go in after paint so the top can still be removed. 




Now, to hide the fact that the interior is missing, I plan on making them so dirty and dusty you cannot see through them, which was most likely the default state for a vehicle like this. 


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Managed to get some time in on this one yesterday and today. The unit now has all the trim. The roof still dryfitted. 




I made a start on the cab because I like how it looks. I tried to get as much assembly done as possible before paint. I have 3 major components. 




The bonnet is a separate item because it will get a different colour. I can now paint the inside, then glue the cab parts together and paint the outside. It will look like this eventually .




Have to be very careful with those door handles. Almost lost one while putting it on. 


This contraption is already on as well. 




The rack is badly engineered and it was a real pain to undo it from the sprues. I would have liked to put the can in after painting but it can't be done, and anyway the can is actually holding much of the rack together. I think some mud is going to hide a lot of this thing. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Small update, I put together the engine. It's pretty nice, has more separate parts than some 1/24 scale engines. 






I'm not going to do much to it, no further detailing in any case. The bonnet will be closed on this build so this engine will be completely invisible. I wonder how many times I will snap that gear stick though. 

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20 hours ago, JeroenS said:

The bonnet will be closed on this build so this engine will be completely invisible.

Such a detailed engine, pity it's going to be hidden. I build in 1/72 and would love to have the odd engine on show.



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Thanks for the comments guys!


On 23/11/2022 at 18:12, Courageous said:

Such a detailed engine, pity it's going to be hidden. I build in 1/72 and would love to have the odd engine on show.



Yes, it is rather nice indeed. It's a Ford flathead V8. In other circumstances, I would probably go in there and detail the engine and the engine bay. However, this build is not a "main event" for me, just a nice distraction from the larger scales. My problem is, I wouldn't be satisfied with just some sparkplug wires or something, to have the engine on display would require a lot more to make it look convincing.


This is the real thing: 




Link to the original file: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1941_Ford_V8-11A_flathead_engine_in_a_Super_DeLuxe.jpg , licensed under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.en


That's a lot of work! I recently did an engine detailing for a Ford Torino and it cost me quite a bit of time. For the Maultier build, I just like the way it looks as a vehicle, the lovely shape of the cab, the tracks and the unusual unit on the back. 


Today is another small update, I put together the chassis which went fairly well. It's not spectacular and the instructions and fit are sometimes just a little vague but as I got this kit new for under €30 I'm not complaining, this is good value for money. 




Now, the nice thing is we can now put some stuff on here to see how it's going to look. 


The engine sits like this. 




It fills the engine bay nicely. There is definitely scope for detailing here, but, see explanation above 🙂 




It's always good to see where we'll end up eventually. I like the "skylights". 






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8 hours ago, John Masters said:

Very cool.  No way to keep that bonnet open, then?

Thanks John. Well, I could keep it removable, or even prop it open. But, when I do that, I want to have something on display, and not just the engine. There would have to be detailing involved and for this one, I don't want to go down that rabbit hole. And I don't really want to prop it open because that would ruin those really nice lines the cab has. So the esthetics win for this build 🙂 


2 hours ago, Muchmirth said:

I love the cleaness of the lines and mouldings on this. Looks like a lovely kit.

It is, I can recommend it. I've built 2 ICM kits before and they both built up very nicely, and they're well priced. 


46 minutes ago, edjbartos said:

Such a lovely clean build, I really like this. I'm looking forward to the painting stage, If it's like the construction it will be excellent...



Thanks, although so far it has all been the kit. I'm looking forward to painting as well, I like the scheme with the white in it. 


Anyway, I was definitely in a "glue first, ask questions later" kind of mood today. I did front and drive axles. The front wheels could steer but I don't think the connections were really made for that so I glued them at a slight angle. 








The "undercarriage" which had quite a few parts. 




The bogies are not glued yet, but I'll probably go ahead and do just that. 




Engine, radiator and front axle are attached to the chassis. The track arrangement not yet, but... I'll probably go ahead and do just that 🙂 ... And I will probably glue on the tracks as well because they consist of many parts, I'll have to glue them before paint anyway. So then I'll paint all this in one go, then get out the brushes and do the detail painting according to the WYSIWYP method (what you see is what you paint). There will be mud on the thing anyway!



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