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Lukgraph 1/32 Wapiti


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Well, the kit arrived today. Had a quick peruse and WOW! This is a NICE kit! Well done Lukgraph, this has got to be your best kit yet! If you have ANY interest in RAF 'tweeners, BUY THIS KIT! Period. It is a good sensible mix of resin, P.E., and 3D. Nicely done decals that are in register, a nice colour instruction book, very well packaged. Surface details are great, well fitted out cockpit, wing panels are dead straight, no warpage at all. No fuselage warpage either. Did I mention great surface detail?   No affiliation with Lukgraph, just a very satisfied customer. Regards, Pete in RI

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On 11/5/2022 at 10:25 AM, JWM said:

It would be nice for many to see it (simplified of course) in a gentleman scale :)


Void hopes, Brother. As you know perfectly well, Lukgraph is 6 km away from me, and I have known its owner for 25 years, when he went to school with my daughter. I talked to Łukasz a few months ago, trying to persuade him to release a few models of French WW1 rag wingers - some Farman, Caudron, Voisin, Letord, etc. And then he told me that there was a gentlemen's agreement between Cracow manufacturers of resin aircraft models, according to which Lukgraph only produces kits in 1:32 and 1:48.

For Brailles in 1:72 or 1: 144 you must try Arek Choroszy.



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