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Guy Armoured Car Mk. 1/1A

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On 11/24/2022 at 11:19 AM, Bertie McBoatface said:

It's very tiny. Well done.

Cheers Bertie and yes it is but it's bigger than a Vickers Mk.VI though.

Have been faffing about with the tiny DIY serial decal. As Pete @PeterB had suggested, I had bit of plasticard painted with the KG3 paint I used, scanned it, added the serial, blah-blah-blah and done a sample print. Although the serial was well defined, the background colour of KG3 was way off. I didn't know what went wrong and I don't know how to correct it, needs some investigation. But I have a fall-back position.


Part of the DIY decal route was finding out how big the serials were and that is 3 1/2 inches. I have an Xtradecal sheet containing 4, 6, 8 &10 inch white letters and numbers, so you can guess what I used? Yes the 4" decals, size does matter :whistle: but you're not going to see a scale 1/2" (0.16mm) here. I would've liked the spacing to be closer but I couldn't cut the decals out close enough. Decals have been sealed in, so I'll do a little weathering next.



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Hi Stuart,


Whilst I find my DIY paint chips can be helpful, by the time they have gone through a scanner and then back to my bog standard inkjet printer. some of them change quite a bit. I usually end up playing about with them in a paint prog until I get something fairly close, and then touch in round the outside. Whatever, the ex Modeldecal  4"RAF Post War white serials/letters sheets that Hannants sell are a good standby!



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Is it finished yet...


After sealing in the decals with a coat of varnish, a burnt umber oil was was applied and excess removed. A little dry-brushing and she was done. A suitable Milicast figure was painted with Vallejo paints and given a Nuln Oil wash. A little base was then done, the Guy mounted and a matt varnish applied.

Job Done.

Thanks for the help and comments.



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