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Oh no! Another “Who does the best?” thread. This week F15


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In the mood for buying more kits that I won’t build any time soon.


So, who does the best F15 in 1/72?


I have done the Italeri,


 Linky to RFI


but I want something with a one-piece wing and upper fuselage to avoid the seams where the wings join the body.


Any ideas?

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50 minutes ago, charlie_c67 said:

Ah but is it a true E or just a D with extra bits. Apparently there is a difference according to those in the know. I believe the new F-15E from Hasegawa is correct in this regard whereas the older one isn’t. (Check scalemates for dates!) 

The RoG is a correct E, all Hase's are dressed up D's AFAIK.





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