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For this GB I will be using the Azur/Special Hobby Super Mystere kit along with Modeldecal markings to produce one that wore a Tiger scheme at the IAT in 1977 at RAF Greenham Common. This scheme was applied just before the Show and removed as soon as the aircraft got back to France. Although I did attend the show I cannot remember whether this aircraft was part of the static show or did the flying. I suspect that the theme of the show that year was the Tiger meet it was on the static side.


The box.



The Kit.



Kit instructions.



The Modeldecal stuff.


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This will make for a colourful model, nice choice Jabba, not one I've seen built before so I'm interested to see how it goes together.

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On 02/11/2022 at 12:09, Col. said:

Nice start Jabba. That looks to be a well detailed kit.

I have build their Mirage F1 before, but the fit of this kit (so far) is much better.


I have now built up the parts that go into the fuselage. So far test fitting of the intake and cockpit shows a good fit. Hopefully the exhaust will not disappoint.







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5 hours ago, Col. said:

Taking shape nicely by the looks of it Jabba.


Scarely it is going together a lot better than I expected. Some more done last night with the wings, tail and intake fitted with no dramas.







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On 10/30/2022 at 4:45 PM, Jabba said:

I suspect that the theme of the show that year was the Tiger meet it was on the static side.

It flew, mate. There was a camo one on the static and three others flew. A lovely sight! :)



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I have been doing some research in the background for quite a while during this buld and found a fair few photos of the aircraft at the show. It nust have been my memory playing tricks on me as I was only 15 at the time of the show and only the 2nd IAT that I had attended. Mind you I do not know why a brightly coloured aircraft flying about the sky did not either attract my attention, or stay in my memory unless my dad and I had left by the time it flew. 

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Not much to show in this update, but all seams have now been sanded down and some white paint applied, with all looking good. I have also fitted the Fwd windscreen which will be masked off so that I can apply some white primer before the yellow paint.







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Thank you all.


Primer now applied and the last picture shows the Yellow paint that I am going to use. I have looked at many photos of this aircraft from IAT 1977 and each time the Yellow seems to be different (well to me it does). So I am going with this and see what happens.









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I have given the model 2 coats of the paint I posted about earlier, but it looks a little too bright compared to photos that I have found of the actual aircraft. I do know that lighting conditions can play with these photographs. What do others think?




https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/airshow/Greenham Common - IAT - 1977









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20 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

I think the color looks good and I feel a satin coat should dull it ever so slightly. Id also think that the original was quite bright the day it was painted and rolled out of the shop so wouldn't worry too much. 


Having had alook at the kit today under natural light rather than a light bulb, it did look a lot better. So as you say I will leave it as it is, although it does require another coat.

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I have spent most of the last week adding Blu-Tac sausages to the airframe and filling in the yellow ares with tape. I did try and fited the tailplanes, but they did not want to fit without a lot of plastic being removed from the mounting tab. Then when I tried to add the Blu-Tac they either fell off or the sausage would not stick so I decided to do the seperately. I hope that I have got ths right as I have never attepted to do this before, it is only that the instructions said that there was a soft demarcation line and I bought a rattle can of Matt Black the other week for something else so I thought that I would put it to good (I hope) use.









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