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Are airbrush needles brand-specific?


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Maybe I need to brush up my searching skills, as I can't believe I'm the first person to ask this: Are airbrush needles brand specific? Obviously they need to match the nozzle size, but does the manufacturer matter?

I managed to bend the needle tip on my airbrush. It's labelled Sparmax SX0.3D on the box, but Tamiya 74801 on the airbrush body. I can't seem to find sparmax needles anywhere online, (and their website wasn't much help). The options seem to be (i) taking a punt on a 0.3 needle specc'd for a different airbrush. or, (ii) ordering a cheap set of needles from some "no-name" manufacturer and hoping for the best.

And tomorrow I'll try to straighten the needle. But none of these approaches fill me with confidence right now.

Obviously, it'd be expensive to have to replace the whole 'brush for the sake of one component, so I wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience?

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Assuming you're still in Prague, here's the Czech Sparmax distributor. They seem to have parts in stock, can't tell if they have yours as I can't find a copy of the parts list online. You should have one that came with your airbrush. 






There's a thousand needle repair videos online, and if I can do it, anyone can. Watch a few and have a go, it's not difficult. 

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