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Jason Williams announces departure from 1CGS

One 48

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Apparently he's been out since the summer depending on reports I've read?

I wonder how much this has to do with the current ongoing situation where the actual software developers reside? not going to mention where, but we all know and I don't want to get political, or more likely (and as I've read from good sources) his departure is because of falling expected sales? I have no hard figures on that, but with downturn in the global economy that could well be the case, the modules were quite expensive with lots of us waiting on the inevitable sales and quite rightly so.

I wonder where Il2 Great Battles goes from here?


I did have a few run ins with Jason about direction certain things were going (or not going) WW1 FC in particular, but to his credit he was very passionate about flight simming and was pivotal in many good changes to early GB series, getting rid of the unlock grinds especially ... I wish him well for the future, I'm sure we've not heard the last of him.

I do hope WW1 Flying Circus gets its promised much needed and long awaited updates, will FC 3 and 4 now be produced? who knows?

Perhaps its better to look and hope on the positive side, will they now go for at long last a WW2 Pacific series as the next project? ... I really hope so.



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