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I need some assistance with Ukrainian Air Force decals


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Does anyone know a decal pack for Ukrainian Air Force aircraft?

The ones I'm specifically needing would be for a Tu-22M2 in 1:72 and an Il-76MD in 1:144. Are there any decals in existence for these aircraft? they both exist in real life.





Thanks in advance.

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On 10/26/2022 at 5:05 AM, KingTiger435 said:

Another issue bothering me is the lack of decals OR reference photos for an UAf Mi-26, they existed too...


Begemot Decals sheet 72-031 has markings for Ukranian Mi-26s.  It might be difficult to order them nowadays though.  Here is the link for the Begemot page for the Mi-26:






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Authentic Decals did a sheet for the Tu-22M that includes a Ukrainian Tu-22M3 (national markings would be the same as for the M2). 



Not sure of current sources - I'd love to see these reprinted and/or scaled down to 1:144, as I had the chance to sit in the actual aircraft's cockpit at the 2000 RIAT.

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