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New Eduard decs...HELP !!


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Doing decs on new Eduard S-199, tried to remove film (on day after application), one came off perfectly, one now in bits....

So anyone out there have a tried, trusted AND successful method please ??


Cheers hopefully,



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I noticed this hasn't had any replies, and I've not used the new decals, so this is rather unhelpful; but since no one has chipped in, I'll just quote Jon Tabinor from last month's scale aircaft modelling:


I like them [Eduard's new decals] and don't have any problems using them but do know other modellers find them tricky.... ....but with all of them, the only advice I'd give is use a decal setting solution beneath them and let them dry thoroughly before you carefully peel the film away. Practice makes perfect. 

So not much there really. I would guess the issue is (seeing as you've given them a good day to dry) that the decal hasn't bonded to the paint very well, so the usual ticklist of good surface preparation; ensuring the underside is in full contact with the solution; bedding down properly with pressure and removing air bubbles. Personally I find (from removing decals) that the first application of setter and bedding down produces a less strong bond than areas that have been re-treated and re-bedded (for example if there's an edge or raised detail that l I'm trying to conform to; that part that had the extra work usually is inseparable from the paint layer when trying to remove. Anyway I'm sure this is old hat, but just in case it helps to think the possible sources of issues through. Probably the best advice is to apply some of the unused scheme decals onto a similarly prepared mule to get a hang of the new carrier film removal.


So yeah sorry not much help!



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Probably not much in the way of help here but, I have seen or heard of two methods used with apparent success, the first is possibly the one you tried : 

1. When dry, getting under the edge of the film with a sharp blade and teasing the whole thing away. 

2. This is another method which someone building an Arma Hobby kit used - placing Tamiya tape over the whole decal and using that to remove the film, he expressed surprise that the decals …’behaved like the new Eduard ones…’.


This last method would demand some confidence I expect. Unfortunately, I can’t recall where I read this last one but it was very recently.


As a last resort, have you tried emailing Eduard ? They are normally quite helpful (unless you are asking for a PR Spit, in which case not !). 

Good luck anyway, Nige


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I’m just getting to decalling stage of my first Eduard kit, and these decals give me the heebie-jeebies. It would be ok to just leave the film on, presumably? Is it any thicker or more prominent than “regular” carrier film? 

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  • 2 months later...

Did anyone have any luck with these decals.

I've made 2 models now and can't seem to get them to work. 

First one I didn't realise and was left with silver even though I glossed micro sol and set it which I've never had a problem before.

2nd I got them down and was even more careful but ended up either not being able to get the film off or the decals came of as well!

I tried the masking tape method and enamel thinner I saw someone suggested as well.

It's almost like the decals aren't sticking probably to the model.

Making a focke wulf now and having similar issues. 

Am i missing a trick or something?

It's quite frustrating as I loved making Eduard kits but it's making me hesitant to now.


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I had some success with the Eduard removable carrier film decals on my recent 1/48 Mustang Mk. IV (RFI post with pictures here), but I did have some issues with the underlying decal pulling and/or tearing when I removed the film in a few cases.


I used my standard approach of laying down a gloss coat, then preparing the surface with MicroSet, placing the decal, tamping it down with a cotton bud, then hitting it with a healthy dollop of MIcroSol. The next day, I pushed all around the edges of the film with a toothpick until the film started to give, then I pulled it off gently (and painstakingly) with tweezers. When it worked, it the results were amazing, but when it didn't, well, at least the tears in the decals looked like natural paint chipping/tearing. I hit the decals with another gloss coat before weathering, since I wasn't sure how the now-exposed decals would react to white spirit and such.


I had the best success when I put down a lot of MicroSet, didn't move the decals much, and pressed down intensively to get the decal to really adhere. More MicroSol than seems healthy, left overnight, also appears to have helped, though as with many things modeling, I can't always tell what is alchemy and what is science . . .


I'll use the removable film decals again -- they look painted on when you can successfully remove the film -- but it's an anxious process, no doubt.

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