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The newer smaller SACRU ready and painted and legs added to the rear seat/stretcher carrier




And rear seat legs cut back





The canvas seat has been pastel dusted to get it looking a bit like canvas instead of the painted surface we began with.


Now I do declare it to be decal/transfer time.

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Before it is actual sticker time (yes I'm putting off locating the things over the humungous ribs on the fuselage) I also made a mesh filter for the intake duct.


Press a piece of acetate with a suitable plunger when hot  and make a clear bubble, spray with Tamiya TS-80 flat clear in a mist a couple of times to make the clear bubble opaque, cut carefully out and secure with a drop of Humbrol Clear




I think this looks enough like a mesh surface to suffice



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8 hours ago, The Spadgent said:

I noticed you snuck in some paint along the way. 💚🤎


Seats and stretcher seat are in, the Nimbus is remounted with a few wires to refit and the new canopy is ready to mask and settle down.




sadly the canopy survival set has no small circle masks I can use so masking that has to wait until after the jollybobs when Hannants get them back on the road to Streetly.


As you see I have begun making the transfers too, the six inch serial set is drying in the garage as we consume loads of turkey today and  I am making tail warning stickers today.

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Great attention to detail as always Bill, got to keep reminding myself your working in 1/72 I find it hard enough in 1/35!

Hope the covid test was negative


     Seasons Greetings             Roger


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Glad you both managed to dodge the dreaded Covid hope the colds clear up soon.

I was told single malt or at a push blended whisky is very good medicine!


     Seasons Greetings             Roger


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A small update guys, while I wait for my canopy rescue set to arrive it's mostly tatting about detailing and adding stickers so here we are this morning.


P1010549.jpg Yes I took the stretcher seat out, this will allow me to add some straps to it.


Most of the stickers are on as are the nav lamps, taken from my dwindling store of Little Lenses, so too most of the clear windows although for now the roof can stay off as can the nose windows which are screwed to the outside of the nose panel.





Mostly need to finish tidying up now, ah yes, a set of ground handling wheels might be nice once the rotors are straightened and glued on.


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Canopy rescue set arrived (phew) so I was able to get started masking the canopy transparency I vacformed a couple of weeks ago.


It didnt seem worth making a big deal of when I did it so that classifies as stealth modelling methinks. :) 




The radiuses of each window are slightly different for each corner.



But using my free rotating circle cutter inside a brass template covered the task's awkward bits.


No that isn't the cutter in shot but it is the set of brass holes I used to cut out the holes from Maketar masking material to make the radius dots.




Moving on




Damn it, I didn't see that lower corner.


Work with cocktail stick likely soon.



I'll let that dry, see you later.

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