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2 hours ago, perdu said:

inside the cabin lots of @Martianbait, lets go white stripping

Bait taken, hook, line and stinker. Sorry, I meant sinker, I get a bit muddled with your Earthling languages sometimes.


Muddles of Mars 👽

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I have done all I will be doing inside the front of the Scout, I will be adding to the rear seating area though with the bench /stetcher type seat raised in up to the back wall.


That's to be later, but for now a test run with an old transparency.





Still to go in the front is an extinguisher in front of the pilot's seat, on the floor.


@hendiehendie sent me a lot of them , seems only right to use one in this build.


Also now its time to get into the power unit.


Beginning to get the printed engine coloured, here a base series of colours, mostly silver




Exhaust colours, slightly darker engine pieces




More coming




This looks like a decent spot to begin from...




Now I have to make actual engine mount castings up and begin working on the engine deck works.


All the fun begins now.

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Moving slowly on...



Engine mounts fitted fore and aft which has brought the engine level front and back and to the correct height.


The oil cooler impellor and pipes are now fitted permanently to the deck but the hydraulic rig is still unfinished and unfitted whilst last minute changes can still happen.


I'm planning to do the engine deck before I dig into the transmission pylon end of the deck, there is so much additional stuff which needs reasonably accurate placing that I think this is the right approach.


I think this approach will help with some of the ephemeral piping etc too.

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Bill, I hope I caught you time... it was so long ago that I did these I'm not 100% certain, but I think I added a thicker boss at the base of the mrgb supports as an aid to printing - those should be removed.

You should be able to see where that diameter changes, and that should be the cut line.  Or my memory is completely shot, which is also a distinct possibility



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I guessed that Alan thanks, they're trimmed nicely now and assembly and further bracing  and rodding can begin.



Most of my recent fettling has been with the annular oil tank round the intake duct there is a cutaway on the tank which needs relieving along with a flat cutaway to permit the drive shaft to run forwards to the MRG, this is as far as I can get with the truly hard resin Alan uses :) 




The engine mounting tubes are added to the front leg and the beginnings of the two rear mountings have been added.


The jet pipe thermocouples and associated harness pieces await the glue hardening and proper re-shaping job to take them back to the cruciform coupler






More next time

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5 hours ago, perdu said:

... and further bracing  and rodding can begin.


Where's @CedB when you need him?



That Nimbus is coming along very nicely, Bill.  I still find it hard to believe you're doing this in 1/72 - the Fujimi kit was hard enough at 1/48, or 1/50, or whatever it was.




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You boys, what are you like huh?


I have been doing work on the decking


Some pipes, hoses and bracketry involved, whilst I try to work out the spacings.


Its kinda inevitable for some misplaced items, I will try to keep any displacement to a minimum, honest





Now I am here awaiting Dark Earth acrylic, upon which time I can begin assembly






More braces, rods, pipes, brackets and wires to go on now...


But believe me, not all these.



The intention is to show stuff without swamping the poor old eyes.

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Is it Monday already?




Small update day then for now, there is now a sight glass on the hydraulic power supply device thingy



Which is now as detailed as it's going to get.


Considering that Airfix didnt even notice it sitting there I think this will do. 



Here it has its thinnest indicating coat on, more colour will follow.


Splashes of Hataka BS381C 285 have occurred in other places too.


Just checking, how'll this do?



Acrylics dont like being used it seems, certainly on pipes and junctions anyway.


See what I mean?


There are always huge gaps that dont show to my poor eyesight whilst I have the brushes out



Rectifying is the game so often these days, I never had this trouble in the days of Humbrol Authentics, nostalgia is sometimes outstanding...


Lots more detailing I can do before I put the Nimbus onto the mounts but for now, a taster.




For this side first the drive shaft, then the rear extension of the tail rotor drive should just be visible.


Engine controls for the starboard side, in the vicinity of the holey thing (Which will have a pair of pipes added) and a few other pipes and hoses on this side.



And a similar task on the other side, I am not however going to put them all on, Alan's delightful Nimbus would vanish behind a veil of much too thick pipe-ry.


I plan trying rivets added from decals, if it works for Crispin I should at least try, that blank finlet is crying out loud for context.


This arvo prolly, OK?


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Suitably busy deck already, Bill :clap: :clap: 


16 minutes ago, perdu said:

Acrylics dont like being used it seems, certainly on pipes and junctions anyway.


See what I mean?


There are always huge gaps that dont show to my poor eyesight whilst I have the brushes out

That's why I like to airbrush a black base coat first, it goes a long way in hiding the brushes faults.... :winkgrin:  :D 



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Unfortunately using acrylic paint in my airbrush first is a bit impractical round here Giorgio the compressor is down in the garage and I'm here where its warm.


That said I'd love to be able to do it that way, but...

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I know what you mean... I have an infrared radiator in my garage, for the sole purpose of airbrushing during the winter. Still, my garage is at the same level as my basement, where my bench is, so it's a very short trip and not that cold anyway....



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