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They are, weigh almost nothing too they are so dainty you'd think they were fragile but they aren't.


Oh well off now to learn how to make a projector work, light and fan on but no sprocket drive, new drive belt arrived on Friday.


Let's see......

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A very blurry picture, but fortunately Ian is looking the other way this morning


The original too big hydraulic rig



I was, I admit reluctant to thow that away so I gave it several judicious trimming cuts


I think this looks better so I dont expect Ill change it unless...


Well it is always down to you guys



I think we will get away with this, shhh.

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9 minutes ago, perdu said:

I think this looks better so I dont expect Ill change it unless...


It seems to fit in there much more snugly than before, so that's a 👍 from me.


10 minutes ago, perdu said:

A very blurry picture, but fortunately Ian is looking the other way this morning


You could always suggest Ian change the prescription on his glasses .................... hang on, looking at that picture, seems like I need to do that too!



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4 hours ago, Terry1954 said:

It seems to fit in there much more snugly than before

It seems to me too, but then what do I know about choppers? :shrug:  :coat:  :D  



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5 hours ago, perdu said:


I think we will get away with this, shhh

The blurry pic or the modified hydraulic bit?

Those who were looking elsewhere this morning would like to know!


It looks good to me, anyway. 


The modified bit that is!



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3 hours ago, AdrianMF said:

Judiciously trimmed. Level with the coaming so it looks good. Maybe sand the top plate a tiny bit smaller?




A very close approximation to plan A Adrian


When I find where I put it yesterday...  :( 

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Deeper infernals underneath


A circular panel for access to possibly a fuel tank or a pump thereof


A stiffener along the belly whiuch can be seen under the helo on a model 



And the pygmy tail finlet has gone the way of all junk.




And look what I found, I wondered if I was going to need to reinvent the wheel.






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Telford and rotary devices.


There were notable rotaries at the show, for them as didn't go, but the crush was too intense for me to even consider attempting without much effort so I did not manage to get close and personal with any of them.


There was a spectacular looking Russian Hind helo, which I spied from afar, sadly my total reporting of the competition tables resulted in me marvelling at the Superb Shorts Flying Boat.


W O W !


After I returned from a scout of the competition tables (I hope you didnt miss the subtle nuances of that bit) I was enjoying a quiet chat with my friend Mike when I spotted a concerned looking and most comely lass passing up and down the rows of Hall 3 clutching a cardboard box.


She wandered past along the lightly trafficked aisle whilst my peers had gone to join the comp scrum then a short time later along she came again and espying me see her she veered over to our club table and offered me a small plastic bag with three small containers in.


"Would you like to try these out?" quoth she.


So I happily accepted and discovered that she'd given me a set of three different types of cyano-acrylate adhesives.


Frankly I kind of forgot I had them until this morning when I picked up the Scout by its tail, which promptly came off in my hands as the Humbrol Tube Glue collected from a Starter Set failed to hold it in place.


"Bother" I exclaimed when the fuselage stayed on the bench as the tail came away.


Forced to cast around for a better, real adhesive my eye was attracted by said young lady's plastic bag so "Why not?" says I.


I used the thin Barrie Stevenson's bottle marked THIN. 'Thin penetrating Superglue. Bonds in 10 seconds'


A test result at first attempt


Thin? Yes very thin ran all over the butt joint like wildfire...


Everywhere even..


Bonds in 10 seconds? Er, not for me at first at least, whilst I held the tail in place yes there was time to reposition it but the BONDS part was sorely lacking.


To me it bonded at the speed of OWWWW but to the plastic it showed absolutely no interest at all.


10 seconds 11 12 13 14 1 well you can guess can't you?


It was only when I added a fingertip full of Human Zip-Kicker* that it did grab, with it must be said an acceptable amount of spare time to allow slight repositioning before it locked in tight.


Which it did.




A limited trial, not to be considered conclusive at the mo'



Now you may be wondering how come I had a suitably dimensioned piece of spare polystyrene to perform as a replacement tail fin, thank the Valley of the Vixens thread and the roar of the mighty Avon.


An early attempt at making a Frog-Hasegawa Lightning F6 in bare metal failed but left me many useful bits for the Lightning I eventually completed.







I think I could even resurrect the fin if ever I needed to, Have Milliput Will Fix Fingz!



Well that took longer than I wanted so more work will have to wait for a few hours. 


Adieu mes amis.












*  Human ZIp-Kicker?


Spittle dear chap, a tad of spit on a fingertip run it over the superglue film quickly so the wetness can isolate the finger from the glue then the cyano will lock like mad.

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Sounds like the jury is still out on the Barrie superglue ......... more trials required perhaps?


I never in my life thought I'd see the day that a little Scout, would use part of the Lightning tailfin, for it's own little fin. That's Bill resourceful magic for you!




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When I was fitting Hendie's instrument panel/coaming/centre console unit I came across a strange rib at the back of the console which I was about to trim off to allow the seat to slide in properly (once built) but something stopped me.


Why would Alan put it on the resin if....?


So I went in search through the depths of my Scout archives and lo!




I will never doubt a hendiepart again


Good shot that for seatmaking too


Seats coming along



More laters chaps


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1 hour ago, hendie said:


I wouldn't be so sure Bill - I had to remove that little extension in order to get the seats to fit in mine  :D





I'm trimming the IP coaming to let a windscreen fit, nuff's a nuff.

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Well that was an interesting telephone session....




But then an operator finally answered the call and got me booked in to Telford next year, yippeeeeee!


In the meantime, several meantimes in fact, work continued on the Scout's internal space


inside the cabin lots of @Martianbait, lets go white stripping



In the front the pedals and pedal boxes sit awaiting paint



Most of which are obscured by simply sitting inside there, but outside sits lurking the replacement hydraulic rig.



This picture hides the pair of cyclic operating pistons sitting in plain sight inside the front of the power deck trough.


All those details will get a slightly different colour to let them appear under the rotor pylon, the collective control lever is waiting under the pylon for when it all gets assembled, which prospect excites me strangely   :) 


Yes I am a nutter, self confession time over, OK?


Alan mentioned having to hack off  the  little bracket to fit the seats, well a little test run shows me that I am not going to have to do the same



A large part of yesterday was involved in mocking up a pair of seats which are the same but different on the Scout (and even differenterer on the Wasp!)


The new seats are narrower than the seats supplied in the legendary Airwaves set and it looks as if I will be able to easily (There's a relative term for a modeller) fit the levers which so prominently fill the Scout's cabin.


Three round the pilots seat including the collective lever and one I suspect is the rotor brake seen here under what I shall call Alan's bracket



All on the left of the seat and on the right side is the seat height adjusting lever who's mechanism is hidden inside that box inside the door frame area


Anyroad up, the seats do fit.


Time to fettle.



No, no glue on the seat bases yet, laters guys.

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