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Not so very Captain Scarlett more like Zane Grey at the moment, as I have now added a disclosing coat of grey which reveals well just how c*a**y the new surface is



Just shows how bad my infilling is when one uses dis-similar fillers




The jet pipes and their location can wait for a bit



Blemishes cannot.



Fortunately we now have everything in place


And homogenising can begin



Ah well there's a good few hours ahead on Tidyup St



Let's get on, see y'all later.


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I filed a massive chunk off the extra hump just in front of the jetpipes and it looks about right for shape now.


Removed most of  the errant but very essential PPP from the hump and jetpipes, I think now its only shape adjusting to do there and now the essential vents and inlets to go on


Some of these here




Now and a few more to dot around the airframe



And just for now I am designing the tricycle undercarriage and finding its essential locations


More later

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Nice of you to say but its only a stage on a journey


I have some more paint en route to colour in that very oddball lightish dark olive green used by Army helicopters, maybe a day or two yet but in the mean time I have added the boom strake and the gurney flap on the horizontal stab.


On the 'fin'/tail rotor upstand there is a prominent box laid over what was a simple hatch in earlier machines






Not sure if I ought to make the gurney flap higher or leave it minimalised as it isn't high on the real stab?


Thinking about it...

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Decided, I am leaving it understated but still visible.


I have begun making the undercart mounting points, here are the rear leg mountings.


I dont suppose @bootneck or maybe even James @71chally has an idea of the actual wheel sizes which would make my next move a little easier?


The nose wheels look as if they may be the same as the navy Lynx rear wheels but so far I haven't found the sizes for the bigger rear wheels

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Hi Bill,

we don't have an AH.9 at the museum, if you haven't found the info by next Wednesday then I'll check through the manuals.



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Thank you Mike, to be fair I cant find it online at ordinary outlets so I was hoping the museum might have a note of the tyre sizes for all versions tucked away someplace on an AP---C or something.


If you can help it will be marvellous.



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Upstairs downstairs in Sandown came though early again, what brilliant service though 'the well known E labelled auction site'


Thank you guys, you are stars.




On with the motley

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A while ago, quite a while ago I put out a passionate request for wheels, spare wheels to help me out with a build and with alacrity (and damned fast at that) CedB dashed to the rescue at a high rate of knots, sending me a box full of sprues from his many unwheeled models.


Ced prefers to hang his models in flight and doesnt display lowered undercarriages which leaves an untidy number of unwanted wheels around  the shop.







And they have done me a  favour here, these look ideal





I felt like indulging myself today so I stuck some legs on the thing to test and assess the fit.   


I made a start with superglue but was uneasy about it sticking so I added some UV setting  resin for strength.


Last week I raided the 'bay for a new UV setter torch and wow it is a laser unit rather than simply LED 



Bright enough to make dayglo seem alight



This is too powerful to see in a photograph, must remember to keep away from eyes

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3 hours ago, perdu said:

Thank you Mike, to be fair I cant find it online at ordinary outlets so I was hoping the museum might have a note of the tyre sizes for all versions tucked away someplace on an AP---C or something.

Hi Bill,

I never worked with those WAFU types but I think our RM (real machines) had larger wheels.  I'll have to check when back at the museum. Any member here from the AAC?  They may get an answer quicker that I can.



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I like these ones I have found in Ced's box Mike so I think we can take the pressure off the search and I bought an AP online which updates the stuff I know but sadly lists part numbers but not specs for things.


No doubt I'll manage


I hope today I can get into my garage, there is a real engine to remove from an MG and another to put in



Oh yes and a discloser coat to waft over  this






This will tell me how much cleaning up I need to work on before I run away from it.



I am kinda looking forward to getting this one on the bench for a different slant on Lynx building



There is a tempting prospect on the box of my Hataka British AAC Helicopters Paint Set, looks kinda ginchy.







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found on the floor nearby the recently bought in MG in the garage




Might have caused me some real embarrassment if I tried to paint today, glad I was shifting boxes and cases around in there.


Its possible I may have failed to use that airbrush ever again, phew.


A pin in time saves eleven I believe...





The Polish Lynx has far less detail than the  Airfix ones so I am cross fitting some of the interior from my unwanted Fujimi one inside 




I'm expecting to use the Fujimi pilot seats and the Airfix rear cabin seats, seriously doubt if we will see far inside it anyway but they are 'gash' now anyway so nothing lost there


These will almost certainly show...



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I have had a few days off from models whilst I took the time to whip out the bad dead engine from my Midget


Here is the replacement going in




I forgot how much like hard work it is working on engines, wow.




Getting it in there





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phew, bolted in




Now I can get on with some modelling again


On Ebay I found this at an acceptable price 



Matchbox PK-408 because I want PR Canberras and this might be the way ahead.


I'm told there are issues  but think I can live with  them, at least the tailplane joins the fuselage properly on this version.


And in the interest of PRfulnness I have bought PR7 parts from TeeELL which by coincidence arrived this morning too


This makes a decent shaped front fuselage for the elderly fatnosed Canberra B(I)6 and because I wanted a PR7 has the camera ports and 14" fuselage extension






Lovely nose wheel bay comes in the conversion



And the camera bays, yummy


I also bought the exquisite front faces for the Avon engines





And now I have some disclosed Lynx surfaces to fettle




Much to do there I'd say.

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Nice fettling Bill! Perserverance paid off. At one point:


On 29/03/2024 at 07:23, perdu said:




I was strongly reminded of a project of my own:






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