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Over the passing years it has been my fortune that friends of mine have oftentimes handed over models they have not found 'the love for' to me for despatching either to their doom or onto the 'finished table' for display.


My joint effort with Colin's Sea King to an S-61N was one of these which did please me at the end


And helped bring forth the collaborative genius of BM in the process, especially including Timmas's help with the font for the British airways stickers.



That intro now disposed of here is the basis of today's discussion piece.


Not a Sea King derivitive.


This was handed to me at the club meeting some years ago when Rob said "I won't do these, there's no box or decals, can you use it?"


Cue the sound of hands being ripped off, almost. and I became the owner of a Fujimi Naval Lynx, in the scale god invented.


What I got.




That is a bit dark, yes I used the tripod Ian, let's look at the next frame shall us?



This time the flash lit the scene, started but no progress made...


Also on that fateful Sunday he gave me this one:




Not Fujimi but there is something familiar about hexagonal section runner frames

Airfix perhaps?



Whatever this kit came with after-market BERP blades partially stuck on but frankly he wasn't having a good day that day...


Now this model isn't destined to grace our pages yet a while, but when I find out a bit more about it maybe.


And also more recently young Gareth handed me this:



One of Her Maj's old pound coins secured the item (A; she was still alive and extant when I got it using Her Maj's currency and B; Chuck hasn't released any money type coins yet either) but as so often the way no decals.  No worries I have several unused Airfix Scout decals, all only missing tail rotor warning placards.


Them I have already.


Some of the delicate, but wrong bits are showing stress signs which will not worry me at all.


Oh look!



And I discovered that Airfix faithfully added the conic section at the rear of the engine deck tapered fuselage cone. Lovely.


Not so easy to spot acos I had to do a 'hand hold and wobble out of focus' shot here.


Sorry guys.


Anyway this is my place holder for when I discover whose kit number two Lynx is and discover when Lynxes got their BERPS aboard?


Probably start just after Telford and the hangover diminishes, but many a slip twixt cup and er, thingy.

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Another @perdu masterclass in the making, I'll sit quietly at the back and watch and learn from the master if you don't mind?


   Stay safe            Roger

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Thanks for that Paul, I thought it might be Airfix from the hexagonal sprue runner configuration.


Looking forwards to these, thinking Oxford Blue Fujimi HAS2 and Grey ghostly HAS3 with home brew accretions and excrescences.


Lots of decal choices over the years from Modeldecals too.  :) 

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10 hours ago, hendie said:

Thanks for popping this one to the top Johnny otherwise I might have missed it.

Am I still on page 1?



It is so Alan, possibly very amiss of me but I do want to clear the deck of training types before I get back on God's own aircraft.


I am considering a big and little Navy Lynx build since a lovely 1/48 scale Airfix one popped into my welcoming lap at Telford.


We'll see..

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Hi bill, not sure about the Lynx but eh Scout, I recently built. It seriously showing it's age! You might want to pay attention to the rotorblade attachments, they are  very weak. I ended up cutting a slot on the underside (no room to drill) and adding a short length of fine stiff wire.


The S-61 sure looks purdy...


Good luck.



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Hi Colin I am not intending using the kit bits for the Scout or Wasp if I decide on one of those too.


I expect a variation on  the rotor head gear I used for my little folded Wasp, as so.



The cruciform might make it but not much else.

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And breathe.


Now that I have the lovely 3D printed scouty bits to play with from Alan and the two Scout kits that recently landed in The Billbox I think the placeholder is at risk of becoming a WIP




The plastic on one of  these kits is a rather darkish stuff but no doubt it can still be worked over.

Means I need to get Lynxy too, lovely.


Ciao - ish.

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