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1/72 HobbyBoss Mig-15

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Hello dear friends. I would like to present you my latest aircraft model. Mig-15uti from HobbyBoss in 1/72 scale. This model was built for a group build called Brushes only. So, i painted this model only with brushs. Base coats were painted with acrylics and weathering was applied with oils. I like to built models with unusual markings or painting schemes. So i choosed the Iraqi air force version of the aircraft.

Please feel free to criticize.


mig (15)-01 mig (14)-01 mig (10)-01 mig (9)-01 mig (3)-01 mig (12)-01 mig (11)-01



By the way, the cockpit or control panel have no details out of the box. So i tried to add some details from scratch.

IMG_20220914_124907 IMG_20220914_124930



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14 hours ago, amos brierley said:

Nice.     😉


13 hours ago, Vultures1 said:

Very nice work!


7 hours ago, kapam said:


I like that it's a two-seater and that camouflaged look really suits it.

Well done! 👍👍



3 hours ago, Ryan Hothersall said:

Nice build. 

thank you very much my friends. I'm glad you liked it

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