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Duke Hawkins presents a very close look at the B-1B Lancer


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The second new book that will be released by the second half of November is a 180 page book on the B-1B Lancer. And what an awesome jet this is! We visited Dyess AFB and Ellsworth AFB several times and this resulted in a very complete book, showing every detail and a lot of action. This is the cover:




The entire fuselage, landing gear, cockpits, wings, engines, nothing is overlooked. We also take you into the maintenance hangar and even in the training mock-up for the weapons loaders. The action photographs in this book are really spectacular; seen from the ground, in the air or flying very fast and low level in Wyoming. We only hope that this book shows just how awesome this aircraft really is. It contains over 400 photos. 



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My copy just delivered from the Aviation & Military Book Centre , only had a chance for a quick flick through but well worth the extra wait for the added material and looking forward to a more leisurely read later today.

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