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Antonov An-225 Mriya - Revell 1:144

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Revell has released two different kits of the huge Antonov 225. One has a complete interior and a landing gear. This one is the more simple version without interior and without a landing gear, so it can only be displayed in flight. 


I bought the decals from Revell which are normaly only delivered with the first mentioned kit. There is a stand included, but it is very short, so I made a construction out of the unused sprues to hold an acrylic or aluminium rod.


The An.225 is far from being just "white". There are many traces of usage and on the bottom the normal "airliner traces" of dirt, smoke and oil.


So I used a hard pencil to line out all the fine engravings of the kit. Sorry for the joint in the background, but this model is so big that my normally used foto background turned out to be way too small.


Hope you like it!























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Great stuff!

Let me confess that eleven months ago I traveled in night 150 km to see her landing. I was back home at 2 AM in night, but it was something special.

Some my photos from this trip are here, if you will scroll this thread..

Earlier, on 18 August 2018 I made her photo over my house at some 11 km

. 30021850468_16b1061ea3_b.jpg 


It a shame, that it was not evacuated as some other machines were. RIP Mriya...



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I only ever saw this aircraft once, by pure chance. I saw it once flying over when I was at school probably just leaving or flying into East Midlands, must have been about 9 or 10. I had no idea what it was, I'd never seen anything quite like it. Six engines? This was only 10 years ago or so, so Google of course made it easy to find out what it was. 

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7 hours ago, NorbertBu said:

Hi Marcello,


the model has a length of 59 cm and a span of 62 cm- So it is hard to find a place in the shelf...

Well sadly this means I won’t be getting one any time soon. Already having trouble accommodating a 1/144 B-36…

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