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Round 2/MPC Hawk Mark IX, nominally 1:48 scale

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This year, Round 2 released a new kit in their Space:1999 series, namely a larger scale Hawk Mk IX which is nominally in 1:48 scale to match the 22" Eagles they've released previously. Scale here is complicated because like a lot of TV or movie productions they were not that bothered with scale but with size. So you get the 44", 22" and 12" Eagles and the only reason these have been given scales is because the 44" Eagle used the pilot figures from the 1:24 scale Revell Gemini kit. However they are too large to fit through the doors of the passenger pod but these are the scales usually attributed to the Eagles. The Hawk is a different kettle of fish as the studio models did not include pilots so their scale is based on a size comparison with the closest Eagles.


Anyway enough of that, the new kit is about 15" long and is not just an upscaling of the smaller kit which I built back at the end of 2020 but never posted here, but has some extra detailing.



The kit comes with transparencies for the cockpit windows but no internal detail as there wasn't any in the studio models. I decided therefore to scratch build an interior that would be visible through the windows:






and even made a crude pilot figure, adapting a spare figure left over from another kit




However, during the assembly, the windows frosted over and became opaque so none of this was visible. I ended up painting over the windows and applying the kit decals instead.


So onto the completed model - I made numerous errors while building this, but in the end it worked out okay. I went with the orange paint scheme that the sudio models were repainted in by the studio as the all white originals looked too much like Eagles and they wanted to make them look different.












There are a LOT Of Aifix Saturn V and 1:24 Harrier kit parts in this model!

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9 hours ago, John_W said:






Why did I think of Orville when I saw this?


Stunning build. Very tempted to get one myself.


I thought exactly the same when I saw it!



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13 hours ago, Yg Models said:

nice spaceship from old film, Stanley Kubrick is one of my favorite movie director, another is Woody Allen...


I think you've replied to the wrong thread :) my 2001 models are a differnt topic - this one was from Space:1999

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Making a guest appearance in this month's Airfix magazine, I did enter it into the Telford comp but didn't get anything, not surprising really since the Bobba Fett ship that won the class went on to with the best SciFi in show and the other winners were equally impressive.

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