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Aurora C-119 BoxCar.


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Just finished, showing the aircraft and the two smaller items that came with the kit, a Jeep and a Field Gun. The rear doors have rubber hinges so rest partially open.





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3 hours ago, Tail-Dragon said:

Very nice, what scale is it?

Aurora did a number of very interesting kits in the early days of modelling some molds were so good they were taken over by Monogram.

No scale on the box, some say 1/72 others 1/77?

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13 hours ago, SouthViper said:

Beautiful  work...

I remember the 1965  movie "THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX"...


SouthViper from Brazil 

I also remember the movie and how the others reacted so terribly when it was discovered the engineer only did "models" instead of the real aircraft.


As for this rendition of the ancient Aurora kit, it is well done and you have a hard time believing it is from the 1960s.  Thanks for sharing.

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