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P-39Q Airacobra, Arma Hobby 1/72 quick built.

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20 hours ago, Wojtek Bulhak said:


Here is my first Arma Hobby Cobra built. Some minor upgrades done, like drilled MG openings on front fuselage, opened doors, fuselage aperture on back and small ?bar? in air inlet. Your comments and questions are welcome.





Nice model of your production.



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Looks wonderful. But something I don't like is the representation of the fabric surfaces, which looks like some metal bars were glued on. On the P-51B kit they were not prominent enough. The correct appearance is somewhere between, with gentle undulations. One of the very few areas of your kits which could be improved.....

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21 hours ago, Roman Schilhart said:

That's a very nice build!

How much nose weight was required to avoid a tail-sitter?


I believe that Arma supply some stainless steel ball bearings and a holder with the kit to stop it being a tail sitter.


Hope this helps.




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