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Kamov Ka-10 "Hat" - AMG 1:72

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dear fellow modellers,


I would like to show you this very small helicopter. It is one of the first designs by Kamov and made its first flight in 1949. The engine only had 55 hp.

The kit is by AMG and consists mostly of photo etched parts, which makes building it a challenge, at least for me. The instructions were not very helpful in some areas and I had to rely on fotos to construct the complicated mechanical parts.











One of the fotos available in the internet shows a Ka-10 landing on a truck, a ZIS 150. That would make a nice scene, I thought. As it was not possible to integrate a pilot figure into the seat and the control elements, I decided to show the aircraft in a kind of fictional scene after landing on the truck.






The closest thing to a ZIS-150 I could find was a ZIS-164 by Armada hobby. That required some work to adopt the front grille. As all of the loading area was terribly warped, another kit by Trumpeter of a Chinese truck was needed to replace these parts. 

The figures are by CMK. Why one of the officers is holding a bottle...well, we don't know. Maybe he is saying: "Excellent landing, Comrade pilot, have a glass of vodka!" which is full of prejudices!! 


Hope you like the little scene!







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You've done a lovely job on that, I've got one in the stash and agree the instructions are basic! My plan is also to pair it with the ZIS-150 but I've not been able to find one so far, where did you get your -164 from? I've also done the Fairey Ultralight on the back of a lorry so they'd go well together.


Perhaps the officer is trying to give the pilot enough vodka to overcome his reluctance to fly it!



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Hi Steve, 


I bought mine at a german hobby shop: Ergebnis Ihrer Suche - Panzerfux Modellbau


Don't expect an easy build! This one I used for the landing area: Trumpeter - Chinesischer LKW Jiefang CA-30 Truck Transporter 1:72 Modell-Bausatz | eBay


Happy modelling!

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