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1/35 Commercial Bases

Peter Browne

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Looking for 1/35 premade commercial bases suitable for mainly single vehicle displays (smallest single would be a Pz.Kpfw. IV @ 168 x 82mm).   Though smaller vehicles could/would be grouped.

I don't want to make my own bases, just due to time constraints, but very happy to embellish good existing bases.

Not so much diorama/vignette but mainly to avoid handling the models, but also to set some simple context without distraction.

Ideally, the bases should be robust enough to NOT mount on a separate (e.g. wooden or Perspex) base, but sufficient to stand alone (e.g. without damage or bending).  

Resin comes to mind, like the Valejo Scenics range, but most of those are too big for a single vehicle.  The SC110 Cobblestone Street is a possibility.  


Likewise the FOG bases like Diorama Base No.3  hhttps://fieldsofglorymodels.co.uk/products/1-35-scale-diorama-base-no-3?_pos=4&_sid=d1adab9c9&_ss=r.  Only problem is those are plaster. Is that a problem?  Probably not if mounting to wood bases.

There are also the Reality In Scale bases, some 'hardened' foam. and others resin.

http://www.realityinscale.com/epages/61537336.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61537336/Categories/"SCALE 1/35"/"Roads %26 Sidewalks"


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RedDog look good.  Thanks.


Anyone buy (or make) wooden display bases (finished with varnish and plain decorative edge) ?  In particular in Oz? Just to avoid handling finished AFVs.  Looking at dark wood, ideally Jarrah.



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