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M3A1 Stuart

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I'm working on Academy's M3A1 Stuart 'Honey". I've just finished the base painting using Mike Starmer's Tamiya mix, so I thought I'd share. Lots to do yet but I found it interesting how the silver grey disappears in black and white photos, makes it very hard to get the scheme exactly right!


1 1 grey




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Here' a question, would all Stuarts in the Caunter scheme have the British Army white/red/white flashes on the turret and fenders, and would the flashes also be on the front lower hull?

Some frames from an online video seem to show no flashes, but I don't know if that was in training, or in service.



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That looks great, much better job of the weathering the running gear than my overdone job! I believe the red and white markings were specifically for Operation Crusader in late 1941 to early 1942, so I would suspect having it without would be ok for a pre-Crusader vehicle?

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